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Job Well Done!

Well-Done-header-1200x799There are thoughts that run continually through the mind. You gather your things in the morning and you run out the door headed for work. The only thing you forgot while leaving was your presentation notes. These notes would be used to catapult you to the next level. You don’t have them and you are 35 minutes from home and the presentation is in one hour.  What is the best strategy for this situation? Go and risk being tardy or become super creative within the hour before presenting?

Time and chance happens to them all. You could very well go in the meeting without your first idea and make it or your second idea could bomb it. You really do not know. If you are a Christian that has been fellowshipping with Jesus, you know that all things work together for good to them that love God.  This knowledge not laced with a close relationship with Jesus provides little comfort.

Sweat develops on your forehead and you become frantic. What do you do? You calm yourself with a quiet prayer and begin asking the Lord for on the spot wisdom. You trust him and go into the meeting and present your second idea. The moment you step in front and begin to present, peace ensues.

 The presentation was remarkable and you received your catapult. You thank the Lord for his faithfulness and grace.

When you have a victory from the Lord do not stop praising and thanking him. Let it be your lifestyle.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIiAAAAJGM1MzZiNDk2LTE4YjYtNDU3My04YmRiLTg2YjdlMWQzOGFiNwI have entered this world through the womb and have grown older with each passing year. Each year has been filled with good and evil, joy and sadness, success and failure. None of which defines me so greatly than to have a relationship with Jesus. Jesus will make the ultimate difference within my life’s end. I will hear “well done” or “depart from me.” Every individual will have this story. The only difference is that some will have more or less, good and evil, joy and sadness, success and failure in their lifetime.

A vision for the future should be filled with hope. A vision for the future should be filled with joy. A vision for the future should be filled with optimism.  A vision for the future should be filled with pleasure.

You should not allow society’s decay to change your vision. You should not allow the increase of sin and murder to discourage you. You should not allow the hearing of multiple affairs and divorce to change your vision.  You should not allow the lack of integrity found within our leaders to change your vision.

For the Lord’s vision is for you to prosper. For the Lord has prepared mansions and rewards for the faithful in Christ. The Lord has promised that those who meditate upon his word will prosper in their endeavor. Victory belongs to the faithful. God will not allow you to be destroyed. Is God is for you? Who can be against you? Are you not on the winning team?

Then what should our vision be? Please comment below. Let’s make it a prayer.