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White Girl Decides To Speak With Two Black Teenagers And Jealous Angry White Men Attack Them

“A white girl started talking to one of my black friends and they were running it with each other and she had a boyfriend and her boyfriend got mad,” Shannon Dumas explained. From there, Shannon Dumas says the conversation escalated and more people gathered around. “And I asked him if he wanted to fight and he said, ‘Yeah,’ so he was like yeah, so I took my jacket off and when I took my jacket off, somebody hit me with a bottle and I fell and they hit me again and I fell again and they started jumping me,” Shannon Dumas added.

He and his cousin, who was also injured, insist they did not throw the first punches. They say five or six white teenagers surrounded them and attacked. “The dude’s friends ended up sneaking me from behind and they had pulled me by the hood of my jacket,” Sam Scott said. Sam Scott has already been interviewed by police and given names of the boys he says were responsible, but the mothers feel like the case is not being taken seriously. “Down here, to me, it’s like when you’re white, you’re right.” “I feel like if they would have done that to them, they would have been in jail the same night.” “To me, nothing is being done and it’s not right. They could have taken my son from me that night. All I want is justice.”

Grady Gieger, 25, of Prairieville, was arrested Friday. He is charged with second degree battery. Dylan Recotta, 19, was also arrested Friday evening. He is charged with second degree battery as well.

Jordan Hitt, 21, was arrested Thursday, December 28 and is charged with aggravated second degree battery.

The incident involved two black teenagers who were reportedly beaten by a group of men for talking to a white girl. The victims, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, both had to be transported to a local hospital to be treated for injuries they sustained in the incident. The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

The incident garnered a lot of attention after the mother of the 15-year-old victim took to Facebook about what happened.

2017 can’t end without another lynching over a white female choosing to have a conversation.