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Polo Pietropaolo sets his heavily pregnant girlfriend on FIRE after she tells him she is leaving him

Polo Pietropaolo said he wanted to disfigure Carla Caiazzo so no one else would want her. The 42-year-old strangled her and set fire to her after flying into a rage. Amazingly their child Giulia Pia survived the horror attack.  He was jailed for 18 years and ordered to pay costs to his victims

Polo Pietropaolo left Carla Caiazzo disfigured after the sickening attack, which happened in February after she said she did not want to be with him because  she found someone else.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but cheating is always a dangerous sport, especially with a man. “For jealousy makes a man furious, and he will not spare when he takes revenge. He will not accept any ransom, Nor will he be satisfied though you give many gifts” (Proverbs 6:34-35). Going forward women should learn from this sad story. The idea that a program or jail will stop this type of behavior is delusional. The US incarcerates more of its citizens than any country.

Follow wisdom. Pick up the book of Proverbs and reads its contents and follow it. God will lead you down green pastures. Pray for the families involved in this tragedy.


Male domestic violence victims


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Sharon Edwards, 42, jailed for life this week for killing husband David, 51. Mr Edwards’ brother, Peter, 50, said double standards made him vulnerable. Men often struggle to stand up for themselves and are ashamed of abuse.  Nineteen men are murdered by their partners or ex-partners each year. Click here to read more.

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:12-13). Expect more and more domestic violence. Expect more and more incest and family violence. Expect more and more sexual immorality and violence. Look at the selfie explosion and sex tapes. Look at the filth on television, youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The filth of the earth increases and only fools will believe there will be no negative consequences.

The time to cry out in prayer is now. For yourself and for your children. Ask the Lord to protect you from the storm, the thief, the murderer with his tongue, and shield you from the sexually immoral who lacerate the mind and body with satanic ritual abuse. Don’t be caught of guard when God told you to watch.



Almost A Third Of Mass Shooting Deaths In 2015 Were Related To Domestic Violence

domestic violence
Thirty-one percent of all mass shooting deaths in 2015 were related to domestic violence incidents, according to a New York Times analysis published Sunday.

The New York Times examined violent episodes in which four or more people were killed or wounded by a firearm, including the shooter. In 2015, there were 358 shootings that fit that category, which resulted in 462 dead and 1,330 injured.  Click here to read more.

40% of police officer families experience domestic violence

Power, control, and anger are at the seat of domestic violence. These demonically filled people exercise satanic power to abuse, harm, and kill people. The same vision the devil has for people. Satan desires to steal, kill, and destroy. The solution is Jesus. If you are in a relationship with someone who is violently beating you, please understand the devils mission for you is death. That person filled with the devil must either be filled by God’s spirit or you must flee until his rage passes. This means leaving until he has come to know Jesus. I repeat. Satan’s mission for you in domestic violence is death.

Give your life to Jesus and pray for God to make the necessary changes in your life so that you may live it in peace, but you must move your feet in obedience and learn how to flee. Jesus, before it was time for him to be crucified knew how to flee a harmful situation and did it often. Flee that relationship. Trust in the Lord. When you make the right moves by faith, God steps in and opens the necessary doors for you to prosper. Guard your heart and soak in God by meditating on his word. ALL things are possible to those who BELIEVE.

Florida school bus driver watches 3 black teens savagely beat 1 white teen

Viewer Discretion is Advised

This is sorrowful behavior that appears to be on the rise in our nation. Of course, violent behavior is not going anywhere and can be found in every aspect of life. We fight wars with other nations that lead to countless deaths and domestic violence is high, along with sport figure murders. What should be the response of the church?

The church pastors and people should take this as a wake up call concerning the sin in our nation and the preaching against such behavior. I am not sure about your church experience, but there appears to be an increase of church pastors preaching careful messages about Biblical Scriptures that don’t affect my life personally.  It almost seems, like the pastors are preaching from the position that every church member is living the separated life and just waiting for God’s blessings because of their faithfulness to his Word.

The children in their congregations are twerking and making posts on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter. Many parents are ignorant of this because of the lack of communication.  Parents are deceived if they believe their children have not seen porn, violent acts, and other horrific things on the Internet. Just because you said no internet (not smart), does not mean, they don’t receive access from children at school or in the neighborhood. 

I saw my first porn magazine, from a friend, whose father would hide them in the garage. I never told my parents.  My parents and the church I grew up in, talked about the importance of living righteously and I remember working hard to commit myself to living holy.  Of course, I fell multiple times, but because I had a constant stream of how I should live, I abstained from multiple sinful things, I could have gotten into as a teen.

Unfortunately, many black teens are the product of single mothers I have many in my family. Fortunately, I grew up with both parents in the home, my father was the head of the house and even the cat knew it. Our cat Candy would bring him the heads of rats that she would kill.  I saw my father love my mother and even though I was never taught anything about saving sex for marriage it seemed to be something automatic.  I knew I wanted one woman for the rest of my life. Living examples are the best.

This is where the family structures that are whole need to help and pastors need to preach about sin. I come to church to feel uncomfortable. I go to the gym to feel uncomfortable. Why? So when I leave church, I become better. So when I leave the gym, I am more cut up and stronger. The church members should be evangelizing and bringing people to church and the pastor should fillet. So that members who leave the church are mean, fit and fighting machines against the demonic powers we face and our children may be protected.