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This World Is Not My Home

As a Christian you have been crucified with Jesus Christ and you died with him at the moment you became a new creature in Christ. Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. You now have a new destination. Previously, it was hell and now you are going to heaven. The world and all its evil was your home and now you have become a foreigner. Your citizenship has changed.

The way you look at life is changed. Yes! There will be false Christians and old ungodly friends who will insist nothing has changed, by bringing up old conversations that pertain strictly to this world, when you understand that this world is now foreign. You don’t desire to engage in the club life or spend money in bars, or have any part with riotous living, you have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

The flesh (cravings for sin) is not dead and you will have to wrestle, but now you have a wrestle. The Spirit (craving for righteousness) within you is pulling you into the patient waiting of Christ and the abundance, of love, joy, and peace. It is pulling you into the sufferings of Christ Jesus. There cares of earthly pursuits like large homes, expensive cars, anything that humans love to brag about has been diminished and you are looking for a new heaven and earth.

Those closest to you will not understand you. They are still part of the world and God’s enemy. Living in darkness, they cannot see what is drawing you toward a different lifestyle. The invisibility of the Holy Spirit can make some believe you have lost your mind & they would be correct. You have been given the mind of  Christ. Your thoughts and beliefs systems given to you by societal norms go out the window as you receive new information about life.

Very few people will go on this journey with you. It is road few travel or even find. Stay the course. Those who choose this world over the one you currently live in will die. They will loose their soul in hell without parole. You know God and he knows you. Let’s go deeper. This is not our home.