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Where is the Lord’s fear?

armed_wedding_partyRecently, Lifeway conducted a research poll containing some startling statistics that reveal where public opinion stands in relation to same-sex “marriage” and the acceptance of homosexual behavior. The poll reported that 58 percent of those surveyed believe that same-sex “marriage” is a civil rights issue just like age, race, and gender. The narrative by those who want to redefine marriage that same-sex “marriage” is a “civil right” seems to have taken hold.

Some of the other research findings are:
– 63 percent agree and 27 percent disagree that pastors should be allowed to refuse to officiate same-sex weddings if they are made legal in their state;
– 58 percent agree and 33 percent disagree that photographers should be allowed to refuse to work same-sex weddings if they are made legal in their state;
-40 percent agree and 52 percent disagree that rental halls should be allowed to refuse to rent out their facilities for same-sex weddings if they are made legal in their state;

These statistics should be a wake-up call for pastors who think that they can avoid preaching about these issues. Public opinion on the issues of same-sex “marriage” and homosexual behavior is shifting dramatically. What are you as a pastor doing to counter this shift?

The Supreme Court is poised to render decisions on two cases by the end of June that could redefine marriage. Before the Supreme Court has its say, shouldn’t America’s pastors be heard about what God says on the subject?

Make your voice heard by participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday on June 9, 2013. Make sure your congregation knows where the Church stands on marriage. The Bible has not changed.  God’s Word remains true that homosexual behavior is wrong and that marriage is as God Himself defined it in the beginning pages of Scripture – between one man and one woman only.  Public opinion cannot change Truth. But Truth must be proclaimed to be believed and adopted.  And that is where your role as a pastor comes in. You are to proclaim the Truth of God’s Word “in season and out of season.” (2 Tim. 4:2).  After all, God’s Word is profitable for, among other things, teaching and correction. (2 Tim. 3:16). But, as the Apostle Paul reminds pastors, how are others to hear God’s Truth without someone preaching to them? (Rom. 10:14-15).

The fact of the matter is that our society desperately needs to hear what the Creator of marriage and sexual behavior says about what He created. That’s what Pulpit Freedom Sunday this year is all about – marriage. Pastor, please do not let this opportunity pass you by. Go to www.pulpitfreedom.org and sign up to participate either on June 9 or on a Sunday as close to that as you can. Stand together with hundreds of your fellow pastors from across the country proclaiming God’s Truth to a…continue


maxresdefaultYou may have heard the words of Suze Orman on her segment “can I afford it” and heard, caller after caller, get Denied! Why is that? Why would someone who clearly does not have the funds to afford a trip to Tahiti even make the call? Is it because they need to hear someone of financial authority to tell them which way to go? Is it because they made a deal with the spouse that if Suze says yes, that they would go?

It could be neither or both. It may be strength seekers, which gather strength when they hear Suze loudly say, Denied! In any case, the Lord has given us something that we may use for discernment. It is called prayer. Have you acknowledged him on your decision-making or have you decided to go it alone? Remember, your view and God’s view is different. He can see the future and you cannot. He knows the destination of a bad decision and you may only know half of the consequences of this move.

God is not interested in stifling your joy, but making sure it last. Some bad financial decisions are easier to bounce back from and others are not so easy. Take time today to think. Is this financial decision good or bad? Ask the Lord and let his peace and wisdom guide you and not your emotions.

Phillipsburg teacher allegedly fired for giving Bible to student, files complaint against school district


“A substitute teacher who says he was fired after giving a student a Bible filed a complaint yesterday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The complaint against the Phillipsburg School District alleges religious discrimination and retaliation.

Walt Tutka was working as a substitute teacher on October 12 when, according to the complaint filed by Tutka, he said to a student who was last in line, “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.”

After the student “repeatedly” asked where the line was from, Tutka told him the Bible. Tutka asked the student if he had a Bible and, when he said no, Tutka said he could have his and he gave him his Bible, the complaint states.

Tutka says he served his last day as substitute teacher on October 15 and alleges that Superintendent George Chando told him on October 18 that he was recommending Tutka’s termination because he gave a student a Bible, the complaint states. Tutka says he was dismissed on January 14.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group dedicated to” restoring and defending religious liberty across America,” alleges that on March 28 Phillipsburg School District “refused to turn over emails and other documents” related to Tutka, despite an open-records request (via nj.com).”

Should we as Christians be surprised by this behavior? Should we shake our heads in rage against the establishment?


Follow the wind. by mzarzar, on Flickr

Someone told me about a Christian defeated. I wondered who this man could be. I searched the scriptures ravenously and could not find where a Christian was not set free. I thought to myself if indeed this exist it must be outside the scriptures you see.

This man said, I saw churches destroyed and church homes demolished. I saw Christians placed in jail and even fired. Christians removed from the military and the Senate. I saw Christians mocked in the media and even losing ground on the moral issue of abortion and gay marriage.

I asked myself this man must be right. Christian’s have been defeated look at their plight. Really! Look at their plight. But out of the dark stood a man on the cross his name that continues to shake the nation. The name above all names. The King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace. Jesus is his name.

This man has accomplished what no other could do. He rose from the dead and set the captives free. See this man who said, Christians are defeated has forgotten that he has been made free.

Are you defeated? No! This can’t be. For into the grave shall all men proceed and those who know Jesus will wake up with everlasting life indeed.


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As the presidential elections come to a close and the media and all manner of mankind is tuning into CNN and FOX NEWS we should be fervent in prayer. The Lord Jesus Christ answers the prayer of the righteous. Esther, before entering into the king’s presence called for a fast and prayer. She knew the power of God could be accessed this way. Today is no different.

From the first book in Genesis until the last book of Revelation God answers prayer and infiltrates every portion of life. There is no scene in which God is not found. He is found in politics. He is found in prayer. He is found in the church. He is found in the weather. He is found in healing. He is found in destruction. He is found in restoration of a nation. He is found in destruction of a nation.

 Are you feeling the burn today? Are you passionate about participating in life? If not, you should be. God did not leave you here to be ambivalent. He left you here to impact the world. Go ye out into the nations of the world and be salt and light. Salt does not choose which food it affects. It affects all foods for which it is used.