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The Mender of Broken Dreams

beach-couple-dreaming-inspiration-Favim.com-2180057Most of us remember the rhyme from our childhood, ‘Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall…all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty dumpty together again’. Do you remember reciting that? Yeah, me too.

Dreams that fall apart unfortunately are something so many of us experience. All the kings’ men couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together. I know it’s a fairy tale rhyme but it sort of goes with this writing.

What happens when your dream just one day disappears from our life? What do you do? Can anything become of a broken dream?

Let me tell you a story. There was a young man named Jeremy who had a dream to own a motorcycle shop when he was old enough and had enough money. He (to use the term) lived, ate and dreamed about motorcycles. He started out when he was about six years old with a small mini-bike that he thought would rival Evil Knievel’s motorcycle. (For those who don’t know who Evil Knievel was might be a time to Google after reading the article.) He graduated to a dirt rider 100cc’s of power that would climb those Ohio hills like nobody’s business. At 16 he decided to take his bike to distant places to ride with the wind and go to where ‘no man has taken a motorcycle before’.

He had many adventures and spent many hours of pure enjoyment on a motorcycle. He graduated high school and went off to college to learn all he could about business and finance. Now don’t worry, he kept up with motorcycles to the extent that he freelanced writing articles for a popular motorcycle magazine. His love for motorcycles grew and grew almost at the same pace as his love for his new ‘girl’ Suzanne.

Suzanne was pretty, smart and she loved to ride with Jeremy on his motorcycle. It didn’t matter if she got caught out in the rain or splashed with mud…’all the better’ she would tell Jeremy when he apologized for the inclement weather.

Jeremy and Suzanne graduated college and got married. Suzanne wanted kids and felt that Jeremy should find a real job and ‘down the road’ they would pull their finances together to open that motorcycle shop. Well as marriages go and finances to raise a family seem to take most of income…that business never happened. One thing led to another, Suzanne had an affair and Jeremy and Suzanne got a divorce.

Crushed and devastated, Jeremy (who never wanted the divorce and truly loved Suzanne) almost suffered a nervous breakdown. He was at his lowest point even considered ending his life because he seriously didn’t think he could handle life without Suzanne.

One of Jeremy’s good friends was troubled for him and started to pray for him. God impressed upon James to talk to Jeremy and try to convince him to start again. James went to Jeremy and talked with him about what he felt and his concern. James assured Jeremy that when God instills a dream or vision he doesn’t take it away.

At first Jeremy didn’t have the energy or the desire to think about it. He couldn’t force himself to have a dream or revive his old dream, he was tormented with failure. But…one day he felt the need and he prayed out to God. He prayed to a God that he knew but his relationship was cold. Jason was raised in church and he was full of faith until he married Suzanne. He allowed his relationship with God to be ‘on the back burner’ and not as important as it used to be.

But God is all merciful and full of grace. All it takes is one prayer; one prayer of repentance and God is there. He reminds you that he loves you, he lets you sense peace and joy. Jeremy prayed and asked God to restore his dream…he asked God to ‘bind up his broken heart’ to mend all the pieces that were crushed and you know what?? God did.

Today Jeremy has his motorcycle shop. Today he is prosperous. Today he is living as a Christian and involved in his church. Today is the dream of yesterday.  Do you have a broken dream? Do you need God to heal your heart and restore your dream? He will, just as he healed Jeremy he will do the same for you. Just ask!!! Ask him now. He is only a prayer away and I know he will hear you.

By Sheila (Guest Post)