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What Love Does?

The word love always trends on twitter. It is used every second of the day. A word that has been abused more than any word in the English language. Everyone uses the word. Whether you believe in its origin in God or not, people use the word and for many, its so fluid, that its weight has little value when said. Love has been reduced in many cases to lust.

People use the word to manipulate people. People use the word out of a genuine heart felt response based upon how someone makes them feel. No matter why you are using the word its power is not absolute.

While love is powerful and the very essence of God, it is not sufficient enough to make the most evil person repent and give their life to Jesus. The hearts of many are so cold that love or fear will not save them. They are simply doomed. Never forget that Jesus was the epitome of love and yet he was stilled murdered by people He asked God the Father to forgive. It is this understanding that I want you to keep, when you hear people try to use Jesus loves you as a tactic to bring someone into fellowship with Jesus.

Love doesn’t bring a person in. Its revelation. The ability to have the self awareness of ones sin will bring them into fellowship with Jesus, when they seek an answer for it. Jesus will always become the only solution for the dilemma. Christians are called to be salt and light. Not love and love. The salt means we are delightful people. Good people that may be trusted and the light is the revelation.

He who wins souls is wise. Fear is the beginning, but love is the sustainer. What does a person fear? There soul lost because of sin. When they believe, love will carry them through the trials and the tribulation. Fear is the beginning of wisdom. Fear is the beginning of knowledge. Love is afterward. It is the everlasting sustainer.


Future Preparation

God told Hezekiah to get his house in order in preparation for his death. If God thought it necessary to tell King Hezekiah to get his house in order, what is God telling his people today? I believe the Lord is saying its time to get your house in order. The pet sin and the distractions are going to be lethal in this hour. God is going to be looking for faith and if it is not found, the Lord will pass you by. When God touches the earth the blessed are the ones that are ready. Not moving around unprepared and a dangerous tempo.

Satan is looking for weak links to pry apart and destroy homes with the title Christian on it. He is looking to cause division and separation among peoples that should be an agreement. He is looking to ruin lives through deception, murder and suicide. We have seen a good share of this in 2017 and if the Lord tarries, which I believe he will, 2018 will be a year for the “ship” to increase.

Is your finances in order? Are you wasting resources on things that do not have real value. Are you taking care of the things that are necessary? Are you being like the wise ant who prepared for the winter? Are you training your children in the admonition of the Lord? A bully is only as strong as the weak untrained children around them. If I asked your children who is their parents God would they say Jesus or their job, or money? Its time to get your house in order. The storm is here, but the waves are going to rise.

Define Christianity By Behavior Not Images

People were first called Christians in Antioch according to Acts 11:26. The original Christians were followers of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. A doctrine that did not have any objects or imagine worship. Jesus said, in John 4:23 “that true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” Image worship comes from Satan. Antichrist doctrine is rooted in images because it takes your eyes off of the real Jesus and places them on things attached to the earth, when Paul tells us to set our affections on things above. Things you can’t see. So what image can be drawn? All such image worship is Satanic.

Don’t be surprised when you see a so-called Christian church fall, when you look around the church and all you see is image worship. Image worship is what the people of Israel wanted to do, right after Moses left to speak with God on the mountain. People love their worship of images and they will perish with them, just like the Israelites did in the wilderness.

Disconnect yourself from image worshipers and worship God the way he wants and then nothing can ride you. China wants to replace so-called Christian images with an image of a communist President. Is that what the world should see as Christian? Or is this communist President deceived into believing Christianity is white and American and that is his real issue? People may be blind about the knowledge of God, but when your heart is filled with Jesus, your conversation will immediately inform people of who you are. Your conversation forms your conduct and reveals your heart. The disciples did not walk around with pictures of Jesus, when they healed the sick, cast out demons, fed the poor, or caused blind eyes to open. When you have no power, you have to use demonic images. Just be about the raw word of God and God’s Spirit will be revealed to the lost. You already know that. I am speaking to the so-called Christians out there. I see you. Better repent of adding to the Bible or else deal with God’s judgement without remedy.

How 100,000 Britons have chosen to become Muslim & average convert is 27-year-old white woman

muslimMy people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Ignorance in some situations may be blissful and wisdom causes sorrow, but the sorrow it causes is far better than the lasting damage of being a fool. White women are trading Christianity for the Muslim religion because of the fluidity that appears to be in the Christian religion. European Christianity has no standard, no rules, no fidelity, anything goes. They have a book called the Bible, but its prescriptions are not followed. Women preachers take the pulpit, but its not sanctioned in the Bible. Homosexual pastors with first husbands take the pulpit, but its not sanctioned in the Bible. Multiple divorced men take the pulpit, but its not sanctioned in the Bible. Single Mother pastors in the pulpit, but its not sanctioned in the Bible. ComicCon Pastors take the pulpit, but its not sanctioned in the Bible. Sunday worship is not sanctioned in the Bible. When God says, keep the Sabbath Holy and He does not change and Jesus confirms by saying He came to fufill the law, not abolish it, these inconsistencies cause them to question the whole thing. The worship of Christmas, Easter, and the tooth fairy are pagan religions that are sanctioned by Christians, but not found in the Bible as something a Christian should do.

Not to mention the racism that is riddled within the Christian faith that is also not sanctioned by the Bible. Now this European woman with this knowledge meets a man who takes authority is willing to die for his religion and they find it intoxicating. Christian men are seen as weak. They fear homosexuals, transgender, feminist etc. European women see this and like most women, they gravitate to the man that stands on his spoken beliefs. This is happening in America as well. This will continue to happen until Christians decide to blow the whistle on themselves and declare the Bible has never been their guide, but another book has been leading them all along. Lies can only be held for so long, before the truth pops to the top and those trying to keep them from leaking feverishly scatter.

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Pastor busted after church prank turns up over 350,000 images of minors performing sex acts: sheriff

Florida authorities have arrested a former youth pastor after a co-worker found hundreds of thousands of sexual-oriented pictures and videos of young girls on his laptop — including some he secretly filmed in his bathroom.

According to FOX13, 36-year-old Chad Robison was the music director at Seven River Presbyterian in Lecanto, Florida, when the co-worker stumbled upon the stash of videos and photos before alerting church authorities and law enforcement.

On Thursday, Robison was charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition with a victim less than 16 years of age, one count of knowingly promoting sexual performance by a child, and three counts of ‘video voyeurism’ for his own use.

When you hear rumors of adding a “P” for pedophile to the LGBTQ as a protected class of sexuality you now know why. When the Christian leadership has departed from the Bible and you see it, always assume there are significantly other departures.

The Bible makes clear our sexual behavior and the order for the family. When you see any Christian church that has a female pastor, young people teaching, when Paul said not to do it, just wait, there is significantly more departures from the Bible. If you see this behavior in your church “GET OUT”