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The Pillar of Marriage

There will never be a drought in books and information about marriage. The hashtag #marriage is updated every other second on twitter. Marriage advice, marriage fear, don’t get married, or marriage is only for women to take men to the cleaners. The data shows us that marriage is on the decline in the US as people become disillusioned by the 50/50 chance of remaining married. The logic for millennials is try before you buy, not having the knowledge that those who live together before marriage have increased statistics of divorce, you tip  the scale for 40% chance of making it. Of course, this wisdom is not from above, but Satan who desires for couples to die in the bed of fornication, rather than be saved and used by God to be a blessing to their children and others.

God says that marriage is a blessing. In fact, men receive favor from the Lord when they choose a woman who honors the Lord. Christian married men live longer than the men who choose to remain single. Women add value to the man’s life and a godly woman can bring the man much peace and joy. Of course, this is reserved for the man and woman who honor the Lord. Those outside of God’s family will not receive such blessings and such peace. Satan will rip and destroy families that are built on the foundation of his lies.

Divorce is for the sinner and peace, love, joy and happiness is reserved for married believers. Married believers become one in multiple ways. The first way is through the blood of Jesus. The second way is through sexual intimacy. The third way is through the mind. This three fold cord is not easily broken. The bands that hold it together, protect it from Satan, and strengthen as they are pulled. Satan despises successful marriages. He understands the power this creates for any children birthed from this union. They will have a covering that children of the devil do not have. Accessing them can only be at a personal request from God.

The pillar of marriage is Jesus. A man and woman whose affections are set on him will always be able to walk together, because there is no schism in Christ. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are in complete agreement with one another and this same manifestation is produced when a man and woman have God’s Spirit. Both the man and woman draw from the perfect one and in-turn produce the fruits of righteousness and love. Once you have God’s love, it never fails. So divorce is not possible. Lust will fail, marrying an unbeliever is risky, but two believers marrying one another is truly a marriage made in heaven.