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Boyfriend Enraged Over Girlfriend & Murders Her

Molly McLaren, 23, had her throat slit as she screamed for help in a busy shopping centre car park. Horrified witnesses looked on as University of Kent student was savagely attacked at the Dockside outlet centre in Chatham, Kent. Miss McLaren was sitting in the passenger seat of a black Citroen C1 when she was attacked. Witnesses say her attacker trapped her in the car then slashed her throat as she beeped her horn and screamed for help. Police said she sustained injuries consistent with stabbing and died at the scene. Miss McLaren and

Boyfriend Joshua Stimpson had confirmed their relationship on Facebook last December and their social media profiles featured several pictures of them together.

Miss Bell then watched as the blood-soaked assailant, who was wearing a white vest, was arrested in front of crowds of shocked onlookers. The mother-of-one added: ‘He was put in hand cuffs and put in the back of a car. ‘Joshua Stimpson was covered in blood and had a white vest on, but he was far away so I didn’t see what he looked like other than that. It was horrible.’ Read more

For jealousy makes a man furious, and he will not spare when he takes revenge (Proverbs 6:34). Its important for women to know this when dealing with men. Especially men who are use to being dominant in all things. There are several stories like these that come out & shortly some black guy is named who the girl has cheated with and this never goes well. You recall the tape of Rich Piana  the racist bodybuilding rant, when his white blonde girlfriend cheated on him with a black guy. The cheating was not nearly as much the issue as the race.

Feelings are fragile and ungodly people can be extremely dangerous. We pray the family finds comfort in Jesus & establish/strengthen their relationship with him.