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I am determined to move beyond myself and extend my care for others. I will not allow an apathetic disposition to uproot the plan of God. I will extend love as far as I can and depend upon my God to hold me up. I will not trust in man nor be dismayed by apathetic so-called Christians who do not take the word of God seriously.

I will not fear when God clearly has spoken upon the pages of his book that he brings with his Spirit POWER.  POWER to defeat fear and give me a sound mind. My mind has become filled with God’s wisdom and I choose to lose my mind and receive his. I suggest we daily do this. The world is growing darker. We must arm ourselves with the same mind of Jesus and prepare to suffer.

Suffer for loving the world while it rejects us. Suffer while we extend love and receive hate. Suffer for the cause of Christ. You can suffer and have joy at the same time. Have you ever hurt over a lost loved one that was heaven bound?

I thank God I was once blind, but now praise the name of Jesus, I see.


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Are you the type of person that allows others to add to your drop down list? Was there a time when you can recall that your drop down menu was short? There were only a few things that you would accept? Societal change toward what some would believe is progress, but in actuality is decay and you decided to add it to the drop down. Are you picking up things that should not be an option?

It is important to review your drop down menu and make sure no option for sin or unwise living is available. Are you about to co-sign on a loan? The Bible records that to be an unwise decision, have you added this to the drop down? A growing number of secular counselors say adding pornography to the marriage is healthy. Have you added this to the drop down?

When you look at others who appear to do well sinning and smiling, please remember the Bible says the wicked are being set up. It is easy to add things to the drop down. That is why we must examine ourselves. So take time to examine yourself. Repent if needed. Move on and prosper.

THE BIBLE on the History Channel

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As a believer in Jesus Christ and a reader of the scriptures, you become overjoyed when the Bible is presented on national television. You also become skeptical, as most versions of the Bible on television are grossly sanitized, so that they do not offend. Amazingly, there is no problem with Hangover Part II playing on television with its clear degradation of women, but I digress.

Having watched an episode of “The Bible” I liked the quality of the show. The theatrics and the high quality visualizations and CGI I found to be on point. I felt the story as I was watching it. Of course, they must add to the Biblical account to make it flow. I would watch the series with my children and then read the Biblical account. Their story has been sanitized. Homosexuality of Sodom and Gomorrah has been removed. It also has some inaccurate points as it showed Pharaoh alive after the flood when the Biblical account shows him dead.

There is also controversy concerning the races of the characters.  You find the black man’s kryptonite the white women (Samson and Delilah) and Noah’s Scottish accent. I think this fits well with our changing demographic and to create discussion that previously did not exist outside of Biblical scholars.

Here is another controversy. Wait for it.

Read the Biblical Account in KJV.

God has a plan for your life.

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In the Bible the story of Gideon is one of great inspiration and encouragement. Gideon was a man that honored and reverenced God and who’s heart was right with God. God knew his potential and God had a big plan for his life and sent an angel to him.

Don’t you realize that God has a plan for your life? Don’t you realize that you need to fight a fight in your mind and trust God when you feel insignificant or not capable of doing what God knows you can do?

The angel arrived and when Gideon was in his sight he saluted him and say, “Greeting oh great and mighty man of valor”…Gideon was chosen to lead one of the greatest battles that the Israelites would ever encounter.

When the angel told him the plan, I wonder if Gideon thought to himself, “hey, he’s got the wrong guy, here I am scrambling to find some food to eat and he’s calling me a great man”?

Sometimes we don’t see our potential as God does. He knows what we are capable of and sometimes it just takes someone to encourage us. I am encouraging you today, all of you. Ask God what he wants you to do, in fact everyday we need to ask him to ‘order our steps’…and he will.

What is in your heart? What is hidden deep down inside? Don’t think that God only calls us to ‘big’ things. Everyone isn’t called to be a ‘Billy Graham or a Mother Theresa’…no some of us are called to be mom’s and dad’s that pray and fast for our children. Some of us are called to be a prayer person for our brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles.

The pressures that we feel as Christians to constantly perform our Christian duties can sometimes be self-imposed. Let your heart lead you in the direction that is suited for you. Just be faithful to that leading and God will be pleased. Don’t ‘beat yourself up’ with condemnation; God knows how he wants to use you.

Be encouraged that all your efforts to live right and do right will not go unnoticed by the one to whom it matters the most, Jesus!

by Sheila (Guest Post)

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Are you guilty of blaming everything on your mental status? ADD? ADHD? DEPRESSION? Why does the media push mental disorder as the cause of every tragic event?  A man kills his girlfriend in a fit of rage and immediately the reason is some sort of mental disorder or drug addiction. A boy or girl struggles in school and immediately labeled with ADD/ADHD? Why is this happening?

Labels are easy. Change is not. Writing another prescription is easy. Therapy is not. There is nothing inherently wrong with labels or taking medicine, but are we labeling and writing the correct prescription? Evidently not with suicide increasing as well as murders.

Could there be another reason? Look at what the Lord sends: curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him. (Deuteronomy 28:20).

Amazingly, God sends confusion. A confused person is a dangerous person. When armies came against King Jehosophat in the Bible, God gave them confusion, so that the armies fought each other.  These armies destroyed one another and King Jehosophat did not have to lift a finger. The reason the armies where confused is because they were ungodly. No ADD/ADHD! No DEPRESSION! No DISORDER! Their problem was SIN. Their problem was God sending the confusion.

There is a cure. Humble yourself before the Lord and he will heal the land. We often forget that SIN causes God’s judgment. The main reason is because his judgment is slow and progressive. An example would be sexually transmitted diseases. We know fornication, adultery and homosexuality is a SIN. STD’s are the judgment. The mortality rates of these diseases are long? It gives the victim plenty of time to change. Man has come up with some cures for some and medication for others.  Unfortunately, this only fuels SIN. The cute commercial that comes on with an attractive girl with Gonorrhea leaves you feeling like its no big deal and you continue living the same.  What happens? AID’s becomes an epidemic and 820,000 people in the US get new gonorrhea infections. This is just one example of many.

Take Home Message

Call on the Lord and refrain from sin. God protects and gives wisdom to those who ask and are obedient. Forsake him and your life, one way or another, will come to ruin.

picture  by  caesararum