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Uphill Battle

Already the clock reads 360 days left for this years end. How many have changed their habit according to the New Years Resolution? Are you still going strong or hardly going? Has your mind already told you that it is pointless to change your old habits because you’re fine? Take it easy and rest for a while. A little cheeseburger filled with bacon strips and a little red velvet cake goes a long way in satisfying that endorphine rush. Yum! Dopamine levels rising and I am feeling great. Why are all the most delicious foods the worst for an individual’s physique? Why is brown rice better than white? White rice taste so much better. Amazing how many things in our earth are opposite. As I age I appreciate the book of Job more and more. Our life is filled with uphill battles. Within ourselves we are self-destructive. My mind and body desires things that are clearly exciting and yet the long-term fruit is destruction and sorrow. I could also be walking the straight and narrow and wham. I am overcome with grief and sorrow by a sudden tragic event. The first thing get mad with God. The problem is I can’t beat God and getting angry with him solves nothing. It also presupposes I am more knowledgable then him. That’s absurd. Nevertheless the emotions still surface and I must face them. What do we do with the uphill battle?

The short answer live. If you keep in memory you are not alone in this battle it helps. Often, we feel we are the only one experiencing the uphill battle. You are not alone. Thousands are fighting their flesh in this uphill battle. Sit back and have a cupcake, I apologize, I mean have a healthy nutra-grain bar and ride the wave.


You may have been promised that when you gave your life to Jesus Christ everything will be peachy and life will make sense. The truth is man born of woman is few days old and full of trouble. Paul in Romans 7:24 said, “what a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?” The desire within for sin does not leave at salvation. We must carry this desire with us to the grave. So if perfectionism is your goal and you are overcome with grief and sadness because of this. Stop! Give up the burden as the blood of Jesus has covered your sin.

          The victories we receive in life come from our joy in the Lord and not condemnation for sin. The goodness of God leads us to repentance as we realize he has paid the price for our sins. Serve the Lord with gladness and run the race that is before you. Pick up your head and run. The battle is not easy. Actually, it does not seem to make sense for a “battle” to be easy.  In this evil world you must either battle or die. So make up your mind now. There is nothing wrong with the battle. Choose to enjoy the victories that Jesus Christ has made possible to those who believe. He has already said that nothing is impossible to those who believe.


Whether or not you desire to participate in the wrestling matches of the day, you simply do not have a choice. You will wrestle are you will be defeated. Whether you’re wrestling with the temptation to sin or wrestling with your spouse, significant other, friend, family or foe. Understand that our wrestling is not with flesh and blood. All you see with the physical eye is flesh and blood and therefore the object of your frustration stands before you, but this wrestling is in fact only seen through eyes of faith.

Genesis 30:8 records Rachel’s wrestle with her sister, but why? On the outside it would appear the wrestling match was simply done because Leah did something on purpose or physically to her sister. The reality is God closed the womb of Rachel and even though her sister had children and gloated about it, behind the veil the question should be asked who controls the womb. God controls the womb. Oh, you think its sex. Ask the hundreds of women who adopt because they are unable to have children after seeing a specialist.

We don’t like to wrestle. We want things in life to come without much toil. Not so. God has not intended for us to be in a sinful world that is not our home to be in a constant state of perpetual ease. We must wrestle and fight using the weapons the Lord provides and they are prayer, fasting and fleeing. Some temptations you simply have to run from. I have had to run. Joseph ran from a man’s wife who wanted him. Run if needed. Always pray. Live a disciplined life with fasting and the wrestling matches of life like Jacob will be met with victory.