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nameWhen your name is called in the midst of a crowd do you cringe at the mention of your name? Do you ignore your spouse when your name is called? Do you ignore the phone call from the friend who calls your name in the middle of a crisis? Do you despise the name you have been given?

Everyone knows that names have power. They contain within them the ability to move money, erect buildings, start wars, and even sentence to death. They can be used to bring joy or even cause sorrow. They can accompany feelings of pleasure or feelings of pain. What does your name invoke? Ask somebody.

Men may run to have the name Lexus in the driveway or BMW. Women may run to have the name Brahmin or Neil Lane. Children may run to have the name Barbie or Optimus Prime. These names make the owners feel better about their personal worth. Forsaking the worth of their own name they seek labels of someone elses. Why? Who told you your name means nothing?

It is important to like the name you have been given. To grant yourself the right to enjoy the delicate intricate design you have been granted. To embrace your individual characteristics and submit your name to only one name which is above all names.