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White Minnesota student accused of brutal beating that left black teacher on life support released without bail

A white student who stands accused of brutally beating a black teacher’s assistant was released without bail on Wednesday, the Star-Tribune reports.

Corey David Burfield, 18, of St. Paul , is charged with one count of first-degree assault and one count of third-degree assault. He was allowed to go home after his mother said she would watch him, and was allowed to leave jail without posting any bail.

The hand of God is not short that it cannot save. The temperature must increase before deliverance. It gets hottest right before a breakthrough. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Virginia Tech student accused of killing 13-year-old girl feared she was pregnant

murderVirginia Tech freshman David Eisenhauer (L) has been arrested and charged with felony abduction in relation to the disappearance of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell (aka Nichole Madison Lovell) of Blacksburg, Virginia on January 30, 2016. Natalie Keepers (R) arrested as well for improper disposal of a body.

When the righteous are in charge the people rejoice. When injustice reigns the people will mourn. For every story you see there are hundreds that you will never see in the media and still others that will be hidden from statistical analysis of murders, rapes, & assaults. The answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. — Court documents show a Virginia Tech student accused of killing a 13-year-old girl said he might have had sex with the girl and was worried she was pregnant.

Nineteen-year-old David Eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder in Nicole Lovell’s death.

Twenty-year-old Natalie Keepers is charged with accessory before the fact and concealing a body. Eisenhauer and Keepers are Maryland natives who were freshmen at Virginia Tech when Nicole was slain in January 2016.

White Woman Cracks Preacher In The Head With A Bat Over His Beliefs

Glendale, Arizona preacher Brother Dean Saxton makes it a habit to stand outside local high schools and loudly condemn students and members of the LGBT community. ABC15 reports he often also holds a sign that reads, “You deserve to be raped.”

But when he embarked on one of his unsolicited missions this month at Apollo High School, Tabitha Brubaker, 19, responded to what she called hate speech by striking him over the head with a baseball bat, according to authorities. She has been charged with felony assault. Police also charged her with marijuana possession.

This is the visceral behavior of the ungodly. Violence is always the answer. Instead of walking away and ignoring this person, her evil heart went into a rage and simply attacked someone she did not even have to listen to. Walk away. I don’t attend KKK rally’s where people are shouting white power and leaving black boys hung on trees and as a Christian we are called to pray and even love our enemies.

It is easy to see the difference between those who serve Satan and those who serve Jesus. God will avenge the believer for every blow Satan has struck and those appointed for hell will arrive on time. Keep living for Jesus.