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Are You Loved? || Spoken Word

If someone has touched you deeply and you thought that they were an Angel from up above. Then comment with your testimony and let others see the power of love.


bolsxyzSometimes your interrupted sleep may be an angel. It may be the prayer prayed or the fast you have committed to. Answer it. Get out of your bed and pray a short prayer of your desire. If your are with your spouse in bed, go downstairs, bathroom, or hallway. You need not take to long. The angel is busy. Pray and then go back to sleep. I assure you, the nudge you experience will be no more. Do not miss these opportunities.



She was walking down the street and noticed that something was following her. She had never seen something quite like what she saw in her makeup mirror. Could it be that transformers actually exist? Did the movies depict real creatures under the guise of being someone else imagination? Like dinosaur fossils sold at the museum for $10,000 claiming this fossil is some 70 million years old. She knew within her heart of hearts this simply could not be. What was it?

It was a Christian on Facebook. Someone she had known in real life that somehow appeared different. It looked as if the godly exterior that had been witnessed was a façade, covering the overtly obvious lifestyle of someone who professes just the opposite of a follower of Christ. She was amazed and even terrified by the horrific images she had witnessed on the page. Wondering, within, how can this be? She has transformed!

Wiping the tears from her eyes she quickly runs into her prayer closet. Seeking the Lord’s face on how or what she should say concerning what she saw. Is it proper to approach this person? Would this person be offended and shut down? What can I do? Who can I call? Ghostbusters have been out of business for a while and the teenage mutant ninja turtles cannot handle this issue. Already calling in the big guns she awaits the angel’s message.

The angel of the Lord appears and writes down this message. Be ready in season and out and always have a word of wisdom toward those without. Understand that my message for many will not be accepted and unfortunately many will perish. Let your light shine before men and they will glorify God. Love tells the truth even when it hurts, but understand and be careful not to cast your pearls before swine.