People Worldwide Display Same Mood Heat Signatures

13-21664-largeCan we say the next time you grab a cold hand in room temperature this person may be depressed and secretly whisper a prayer for them?


Christian Intermingle: Can We Date Outside the Faith?

13636-couple-woman-sad-turning-away-fight-wide.1200w.tnThe subject of dating outside the faith often comes up when someone has found an attractive nice person interested in yoking up. They entertain the idea that this nice person would make a great mate and so they go for it. If beauty was the ingredient for successful marriages than most marriages would be successful as most people marry those they find attractive.

So what is the admonition given to mankind concerning the yoking of unbelievers? “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:” (2 Corinthians 6:14). According to the scriptures there is no exception to this rule for obedient believers in Jesus.

It does not matter what this individual looks like, how they smell, or what money they possess. Save yourself by being obedient.


Audience Hands And Lights At Concert

A crowd level view of hands raised from the spectating crowd interspersed by colorful spotlights and a smokey atmosphere

Do you use size as the measurement for quality? Do you use it to validate the qualifications of a person? Do you use it to measure success? Do you understand what size means?

What are your thoughts on the works of Melissa Scott, Joyce Meyer, and the attractive Paula White? Do you idol them? Do you believe they are following the Bible? Is your approval of them based upon feelings and the size of the congregation?

Does the size of the congregation validate a person as approved, called, and qualified by God?

Does it bother you that men in their congregations, teach their sons how to be followers of women, rather then leaders of the home? Have you been deceived by the Jezebel spirit and believe feminism is the fight that a Christian should have.

If size is the measurement for following God, then how about following Katy Perry, Beyonce, or Taylor Swift? They all have sizable congregates that pack out concerts while they sing songs of praises for humanity.

When it comes to the word of God the only thing that matters is following him. Size does not matter.  Size does not validate or confirm a follower of Jesus. The Bible (KJV preference) does the validation.

Quick to Listen and Slow to Anger

If you want to be wise in this world, you must become a fool for Jesus Christ. This means that your wisdom must be exchanged for the wisdom found within the Scriptures. Your understanding exchanged for the understanding found within the Scriptures. This does not mean you do not test or prove the Scriptures, it means that everything you receive as truth never leaves the foundation of Jesus Christ.

If you have any other foundation, it will fail. From this foundation you build upon it the knowledge of God and learn to enjoy hearing and receiving truth. Truth will not always be comfortable or pleasurable, but will set you free. Lies always end badly as the father of lies is Satan and his destiny is hell. As Christians you must learn how to listen quickly, be slow to speak and slow to anger. If you listen quickly, you will automatically speak less and your anger has little information to feed on. Quick anger comes from a lack of understanding and a lack of understanding comes from a lack of listening.

Triggers are triggered because a person has failed to listen and has failed to love truth. When you understand that truth can sting and you listen for truth when someone speaks, you should not get angry. Seek to understand through listening and your response in life will be constructive and you will grow in your understanding and experience rather then be stagnate in your maturity in Jesus Christ.

Anger rests in the bosom of fools (Ecclesiastes 7:9). But you want to be wise. Be wise and listen.

Relational Suicide

Your connections will either feed your soul with wisdom and power or diminish your ability to stand before God blameless. Who you connect yourself with is important to your stance in God. “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you (2 Corinthians 6:17).” This means digital relationships as well as those that are physical. Anyone who is speaking in your ear on a continual basis should edify you. Edify, doesn’t mean make you feel good, but be good.

The hardest thing in life is disconnecting unprofitable relationships. Often times, you know the relationship is bogus, but because you are lonely you insist on keeping the vine connected, not realizing your stagnation is connected to this relationship. God did not speak with Abraham, until Lot left. God will not receive you and someone else. He wants a personal relationship with you. If you do not have personal time with God, you do not have a relationship with Him.

Don’t deceive yourself. God will not receive you and your ungodly connections. Of course, if you are married to someone unsaved, this does not mean divorce them, but those outside of the covenant should be evaluated for profitability. Every relationship you have should be profitable. It should encourage you in the Lord and not be a conduit for Satan to tempt you or control you. Your children included. Don’t overstep your boundaries with them and give them proper boundaries with you. Don’t be God in their life. Let God be God and you be the parent. You should take every opportunity to direct them to Jesus for their supply and not you. Prepare them early to become adults and sustain themselves without you.

Relational suicide is staying connected to ungodly people. Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God (James 4:4). Don’t let your connections destroy you. Solomon allowed the women he connected himself with to serve other gods. He received wisdom directly from God himself, but refused to disconnect himself and I believe he is in hell because we find no repentance after God’s warning and his name is absent from the men of faith list in Hebrews 11. Be careful. Many are called, but few are chosen.

Watch your relationships (internet included) closely.