Positive Return to Jesus Original Design: Relaxer sales Down


The consecutive fall in popularity of relaxers and the increase in natural hair products confirm that the natural hair “trend” is now a movement – and it is here to stay. More and more Black women everywhere are making the choice to go natural.

While there aren’t many statistics on the natural hair business, other research suggests that the natural hair movement is real, and it shows in market sales. Market research firm, Mintel, estimated that the Black hair business is worth $774 million and relaxer sales are aimed to decrease 45 percent before 2019. This decrease in demand for relaxers suggest an increase in products to replace them. While we could assume these replacements are products for natural hair, there aren’t statistics available for this specifically. Instead, we can confirm relaxer sales are decreasing— and will continue to.

With or without the statistics, the natural hair movement is momentous! While many speculate the reason behind the popularity of the Natural Hair Movement, the hair is obvious. For years, Black women have been discouraged from wearing their hair natural. We are finally transitioning into a world where we have more options for “socially acceptable” hair styles. We can exercise our right to feel beautiful… Read more

My Conversation With Demons


It would seem, in my line of work, I speak with demons quite often. I cannot say at this point, that a day goes by where I am not engaged with one directly or in somebody else’s body. It would seem this is now a part of my walk with Jesus. I recall Jesus message to Herod where Jesus replied, “Go tell that fox that I will keep on casting out demons and healing people today and tomorrow; and the third day I will accomplish my purpose (Luke 13:32).

The thing that I want to bring up is their hatred. They never cease in telling me how much they hate me. They hate my tweets. They hate my prayers. They hate me telling the truth and exposing them. They hate this blog post. Even now a demon is on my shoulder as I write.

If you are reading this blog post understand they hate you to. They will also be watching to see if your behavior changes based upon this information and they will hate and fight you. They hate your family. They hate anything you love. You have a dog, cat or fish? They hate those animals to. They will bring into your life any and everything that will aid in your destruction.

Satan hates the truth. He is the father of lies and seeks to quench it. If you are attacked for telling the truth found in the Bible you should immediately recognize your enemy’s work.

You can see their work in my conversation line on twitter. Some demons will use people to come at me with a false sincerity and others will try the direct approach. All these people are following the demons within them. One must remember that a house divided cannot stand. If people are coming against me that call themselves Christians and I know I have a relationship with Jesus one of us must be either a devil or being used by him.

There are many people with demons within them that I talk to. Most of these people are unaware of their presence, if you want a quick test to see if you have demons within you. Try and stop one evil act that God calls sin and watch the resistance. That resistance is a demon.

Reasons Why Angelina Jolie CREEPS ME OUT!! (2015)

This is about Angelina Jolie self-harming.

‘Man of Steel’ marketers target Christians by sending pastors prepared sermons that compare Superman to Jesus Christ


This is old, but still relevant. I missed this, but since a new superman and batman movie is coming out, it makes it current.

Marketers for the newest Hollywood Superman movie, ‘Man of Steel,’ are heavily targeting Christians by offering church leaders free screenings of the film as well as sermon notes emphasizing its religious themes.

The notes, titled ‘Jesus: The Original Superhero,’ run nine pages long and suggest that pastors show the ‘Man of Steel’ trailer during their Sunday morning sermon, CNN reported Friday.

‘How might the story of Superman awaken our passion for the greatest hero who ever lived and died and rose again?’ the sermon notes ask. Read more

Given the fact that the Passion of the Christ did so well, Hollywood knows another white messiah is what the world needs and will pay millions of dollars to see. This is another antichrist deception.  imagesEveryone knows that Superman draws his strength from the sun, the Egyptian God Ra. He is named a god by his father and fornicates with Lois. He is the antichrist who sets himself up as the protector of mankind. He uses his demon power to give hope to mankind as they worship his symbol. He is another white antichrist Jesus.

A man of God would never use Hollywood sermon notes in their pulpit. If your preacher has, he is a devil in your midst and will have a smooth tongue that will deceive you into walking further and further away from the Scriptures. You will swear you know the truth and still be deceived.

Read the Bible in its entirety for yourself and seek out teachers that do not depart from the Bible. If they do, leave and find a teacher filled and possessed by God’s Spirit.

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).