William Riley Gaul the Killer of Emma Jane Walker Enraged Over Her Ending The Relationship


William Riley Gaul, 18, was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and animal-print shorts as he was led off in handcuffs on Tuesday night, less than 48 hours after 16-year-old Emma Jane Walker was found shot dead in her bedroom. According to the arrest warrant, Gaul allegedly stood outside Emma’s window and shot her while she was asleep in her bed on Monday  William Gaul, was  charged with first-degree murder in the death on 16-year-old Emma Jane Walker. He is being held in lieu of a $750,000 bond and is due in court next week. Read more

Rehabilitation will not work and more support groups will only fail. Because Jesus is the answer to society. His message of love taught in the public school system. Keep teaching Satan’s doctrine and get Satanic results. Another victory for Satan. We lose.

Black / Melanoid Empowerment

What is destroying the black community and why hasn’t the Christian church been able to help? It is very simple. Failure of people to keep commands. So year after year they remain in a cycle of poverty. No group ever broke free of bondage without supernatural intervention (God). For the evil side and the good. God chose a people who disobeyed him and God raised up another nation to destroy that same group of people. We see this pattern very clearly in one book of the Bible called Judges. I suggest you read the whole book. Over and over again the people were in bondage and it was the direct result of their sin. When they got fed up and turned to God, he delivered them. Not until he saw their hearts change.

God is not opposed to death and destruction. He creates it in every generation in an attempt to save peoples souls from an eternal hell.

There is a group of people who call themselves empowering black and melanoid people, which is a great idea. My people perish for a lack of knowledge. The children of darkness or wiser then the children of light, we can learn some things believe it or not from those who serve Satan. It is unfortunate their knowledge is bound to the earth and when they die they face the same judgment as Satan, which is an eternal hell. What can be learned? The importance of personal responsibility. Satan helps pop stars and entertainers, but these people must still work very diligently for their success. The harder they work towards a particular goal the closer that goal becomes reality. This is for the most part what black and melanoid empowerment teachers teach. In addition, they highlight the propaganda that white people have engineered to remain dominate. This is of little value, value yes, but little.

God is always in control. Look at man running around trying to cure STD’s and then another one pops up. Stronger then the first. Always running after the carrot that God has dangled and just when they think they can reach it, he moves it further away. This is simple. SIN is the problem. If Billions of dollars where spent in teaching the Bible, teaching people how to love one another and husbands how to love their wives and children, then this blog post would be meaningless.

Fathers would raise their boys in the art of being men and wives would raise their girls in the art of being a woman. God would remove sickness and disease because STD’s are for porn stars, harlots, and whores. Everything Jesus told us not to do they do. Which some black empowerment teachers teach. They see the significance in being raised in a two parent home. The wife brings something the man cannot and the man brings something the woman cannot. It isn’t rocket science its the order of nature. Its perversion causes confusion, chaos, and ultimately God’s annihilation of man on earth.

In conclusion, black empowerment without the foundation of Jesus Christ and following the rules that many black empowerment people borrow, like being diligent in your work and not having multiple children outside of marriage will lead you toward a greater economical freedom and the financial blessings will rain and so will peace.

Cannibal frat boy killer allegedly attacked a random couple and chewed on the dead man’s face.

3ab52c7100000578-0-image-m-9_1479962202431Shocking crime scene photos have emerged showing the moments after the Florida ‘Cannibal frat boy’ killer allegedly attacked a random couple and chewed on the dead man’s face.

Austin Harrouff has been accused of murdering John Stevens, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, at the couple’s Jupiter, Florida home on August 15.

Dramatic pictures that were released by the prosecutor show the 19-year-old student handcuffed on the ground, being wheeled away by police and with his mouth open. In one picture, it appears as though something can be seen on his teeth. Read more

It becomes important to note that everything that is done in this world has an answer and his name is Jesus. There will always be destruction in the wake of Satan unrestrained. You cannot restrain him with programs. You need POWER. You cannot have POWER until you become reborn. You cannot be reborn until you believe Jesus died for your sins and you give your life to him. The exchange is eternal life and goodness in the land of the living. God is not going to be mocked.

Heroin use has climbed among all demographic groups, it has skyrocketed among whites; nearly 90 percent of those who tried heroin for the first time in the last decade were white. Keep teaching children about the Neanderthal and they will live like one. Teach them the Bible in schools and you will have an EXPLOSION of RIGHTEOUSNESS AND LOVE.


School bus driver was in an accident


Chief says, A dozen elementary school students were injured and five were killed in a school bus crash Monday afternoon in Chattanooga. Click here

This is a gentle reminder that men ought always to pray and not faint. It is never a good day when a child is taken prematurely. As a Christian you should use this opportunity to pray for the families of the lost and pray for the families of the injured children. Keep them on your lips and ask for Jesus to draw them near.

This is also an opportunity to identify and rebuke any Christians using their mouth for cursing. To remind them of the many children that face dangers everyday in abortion mills and to pray for those women. To spend time praying for their own children and those who have been molested and abused. To not stir up hate or misplace anger through shielded eyes.

Draw near to the Lord and he will draw near to you. He will bring comfort in the darkness and bring peace that passes understanding.


Kim Kardashian Mourns Kanye West Trouble, But Powerless To Help

open-door-2You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil–the commander of the powers in the unseen world. He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God (Ephesians 2:2). When you make deals with Satan you are powerless to repay. There is only one power on earth greater than his and it is not in good magic. Good magic, like dark magic both require rituals/sacrifices for power. Do you know why? Because its demonic. I don’t have to sacrifice chickens or humans or do weird rituals for power, I simply walk in the spirit of God.

Kim Kardashian and her family as many already know are high profile pawns. She is saddened by the events concerning Kanye West and has petitioned to the spiritual powers to be merciful, but Kanye is trying to move away from the reservation and is being punished for his insolence. If he refuses to submit he will face a frightful end. His best option is to fall on his knees and plead his case before Jesus before he loses his soul. This decision is unlikely, as Scripture tells us that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24).

Those who follow the pattern of this family that Satan has formed will find themselves in hell. Before you think that an actual blood contract must be made to serve Satan you would be mistaken. Anyone who does not submit themselves to Jesus will find themselves in hell.

You should take your own soul very seriously and watch over it. Many pastors are not watching over your soul. They are teaching demonic doctrines to keep the doors open as the world moves toward the servitude of thee antichrist.