Man tried to steal $7BILLION in wire transfers because he said Jesus wanted him to be wealthy

3cf231f700000578-0-image-m-99_1486532188467A man who tried to steal $7 billion said it was because Jesus wanted him to be rich.

John Michael Haskew of Lakeland, Florida, said the Lord was on his side when he fraudulently transferred $7 billion in over 70 wire transfers on December 9 and 10 from a bank only identified in documents as Bank A, according to WFTV.

He then called upon a higher power for his defense.

When asked why he’d made the transfers, authorities said he stated, ‘That Jesus Christ created wealth for everyone. Using this scheme, Haskew believed that he could obtain the wealth that Jesus Christ created for him and that belonged to him,’ according to the criminal complaint.

As part of a plea deal, he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to the federal government on Thursday.

He could serve up to five years in prison and get slapped with a $250,000 fine.   Read more

How White Christians Are Harming Christianity?

When you have pastors talking about the transfer of wealth from the wicked they make it appear that God has promised a second promise land. The wealth that is laid up for the righteous is found in heaven. You must die to the wealth. Herein we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come. Jesus taught us to build our treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust may corrupt.

Clearly, this man is not a Christian, but how many will believe he is because he mentions a name of a man he does not know?


Rest Your Faith On God’s Power

My message and my preaching were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, s
o that your faith would not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power (1 Corinthians 2:4-5).

As a Christian you should always be about the power of God. Jesus taught his disciples how to move with power when they shared the good news that the grace  of God through Jesus had come and the gift of the Holy Spirit was accessible to those who believed. The Holy Spirit within a man or woman will produce good fruit in that vessel. They will demonstrate supernatural gifts and will walk with wisdom toward those that are without. They will have the ability to discern spiritual things.

When a man or woman is fleshly they will hang their hang their hat on intellect, but will deny God’s power (speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing). They will glory in the admiration of men and will never answer the simple question. How come your life is different from the Master (Jesus)? How come you don’t operate in the same power that Jesus did when the Bible records that signs and wonders would follow those who believe? How come so many people love you, when Jesus and his disciples were persecuted and martyred? Are you stronger than  Jesus?

No beloved. These men are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Never forget, it was the church that had Jesus killed in his day. The church brought Jesus to Rome for their death penalty may be used to kill him.

As a person seeking the truth, never be satisfied with simple intellect, because it will fail you when real test come and try you. Many are called, but few or chosen. Few find eternal life. Rest Your Faith On God’s Power.

How White Christians Are Harming Christianity?


CBS Poll: 66% of Democrats Consider Christianity as Violent as Islam and this number in my opinion will only grow. Among Republicans the numbers would also be shocking, but why? Why are Christians considered violent? It is because for far too long the title Christianity =’s white. White Christians love making meme’s about the white Jesus behind President Trump and they parade this white figure around as the face of Christianity and now it is sticking in the eyes of the world that Christianity is white.

What does that mean for Christianity to be white? It means there is no room for nonwhites to participate and it also means that God is behind white supremacy. If God is behind white supremacy and Christianity is white and white’s dominant the planet because of military force, it makes sense that Christianity is as violent or even more violent than Islam. Islam or Muslims has now come to mean black.

So the poor underdog is only responding to the hatred and slaughter that they are receiving. In the eyes of the masses there is a growing number of people who equate Muslim =’s Black and Christianity =’s White and unfortunately this is Satan’s lie.

Christianity is not white nor is it black. Christianity is about worshipping God in the Spirit. If white Christians keep pushing Christianity as something white, with these white Jesus pictures that have no Scriptural root, God will judge them for misrepresenting his Son.

Almost all of Jesus disciples died by martyrdom. Jesus our master died the same way. If we live by this example then we are indeed Christians and all others are liars. Just because someone gets behind the passion of the Christ and represents Christianity as white does not make it true. The Bible speaks for itself and let everyone else be liars. Hold on to your false idol Jesus and God will see to it that you fall as other nations that did take his warning seriously.

Let’s put away all lies and start telling the truth. Christianity stands on its own. It has absolutely no color. It is the Bible who tells the Christian to worship God in spirit and in truth. If you see anyone doing something contrary to the Scriptures, you must understand that they may say they are Christians, but I assure you God does not know them.

Ask them when is the last time they cast out demons like Jesus? If they can’t you now know why. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

Pa. ex-con in castration case arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot judge

A transgender woman who spent time behind bars for a botched castration that led to the death of her sixth husband was arrested this week after she allegedly threatened to shoot a Westmoreland County, Pa., judge, according to news reports and police.

Tammy L. Felbaum, 58, of Seward, in southwestern Pennsylvania, entered the Westmoreland County Courthouse on Monday morning, placed her purse on the baggage X-ray equipment, then made comments that “she had guns and an Uzi and a rocket launcher in her purse,” County Park Police Chief Kirk Nolan said Wednesday.

Tammy Felbaum, charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct, after allegedly threatening to shoot a Westmoreland County judge on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017. As she walked through the scanner, she told another officer, “I came here to shoot a judge,” Nolan said. Read more

This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day when God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Adam in the day when they were created (Genesis 5:1). But I did find this: God created people to be virtuous, but they have each turned to follow their own downward path (Ecclesiastes 7:29).”

When man chooses a way that is outside of God’s design there is nothing treacherous that is out of their reach.

These Are the Drugs Killing the Most People in the U.S.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration based the data on death certificate information that is typically written by medical examiners or coroners.

“The method was applied to provide a more in-depth understanding of the national picture of the drugs involved in drug overdose deaths,” their study says.

You will notice below the epidemic is only increasing. STD’s are rising. Beastuality and Homosexuality is rising. People are running to drugs because they have no hope for the contradictions they see everyday.


As the Godly example of the natural family structure declines, the drug epidemic increases. The answer is Jesus.The answer is repentance and the answer is in men and women of God who operate in supernatural power. You want deliverance, then find anointed man of God that God has given supernatural gifts to be a blessing to you. Absorb the lessons he teaches and glean from his wisdom and prosper in joy and hope for a better future. One filled with peace and love. Through Jesus Christ.