God Sends Madness to the Disobedient

It is always important to remember that the whole earth belongs to the Lord. Although Satan is the prince of the air, he must ask permission before he is able to do anything to the humans that God created. He was fashioned to be one of the instruments that God uses to bring man closer to himself. Demons are under the authority of the Lord.

When man created in the image of God decides willingly to defy him than “The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind” (Deuteronomy 28:28). He will make you so crazy you will not know whether you are a man, woman, or animal. You will defy nature at every turn and will ignore the multiple sign posts along the way. God will open the ground and kill thousands of unsaved people who are committing fornication, adultery, and other deviant behavior. God will afflict the sexually immoral with STD’s and death. Depression, panic, and phobias will run free and people will literally be running around not knowing how this epidemic came to be and why it is progressively getting worse. Unable to connect the dots between the promise of God to the disobedient which is madness, they will fall into one another’s traps.

God is handing mankind over to a reprobate mind. This mind cannot tell the left hand from the right. It is an evil disease from the Lord, but it is a sign that he is calling mankind to himself. He only promises healing to those who repent and turn from their wickedness. It is not enough to cry about your sin, you must change your mind and turn away from your wickedness and then God will heal the land you stand on.

Frequent Trips To God Strengthens The Believer

When you believe in God the Father and know His Son Jesus you have moved beyond the physical realm and have entered into the spirit. Once you are in the spirit you access the Father through prayer. You commune with God. You speak with God. Worship is a part of this realm. Singing songs and hymns to the Lord is in this realm. The presence and power of God is in this realm.

In the spirit you begin to be strengthened within your inner man. Your spirit/soul is strengthened and you become on fire. This fire that burns on the inside repels demons and causes them to tremble. A fire is placed in your eyes and weight has been granted to your words. Your words become life to those who receive them. Your desire in this realm is strictly for the Lord and you enjoy hearing his loving commands. It is in this realm where you receive your supernatural gifts. It is in this realm where you receive the mission for your life. The purpose for your existence is in this realm. Direction is in this realm.

Frequent prayer strengthens the believer because it gives you rest from the world. You leave the world and enter a new realm when you pray. You are transported from this world and now the spirit world has been opened and in this realm all things are possible to those who believe. In heavenly places you acquire tools that aid your earthly life. Tools that not only benefit you, but those who hear you.

Prayer is the door into this realm. This is why Satan hinders prayer. He does not want you access your strength and your gifts and those wonderful tools and jewels of wisdom that God grants to those who are faithful in coming to him in prayer. Keep praying. Pray everyday and ask the Lord Jesus how do I get those heavenly tools to work in the natural. Ask the Lord to show you what are the best tools for my current situation. Believe and you will receive access and wisdom.

The Rise of the STD in the over 45s across England – Sins Payment?

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.38.06 AM
Syphilis in the middle aged has  increased by 74% in just two years. And cases of gonorrhea have shot up by 65% in the same time period. Follows warning over spread of ‘super’ gonnorhoea – resistant to treatment. London is the STI capital of England; in West Midlands rates are falling. Doctors blame increase on rising divorce rates. Read more

God hates divorce. Divorce for the cause of sex with a new partner(s) is sin. The lack of love (God) in the culture creates a culture that becomes void of compassion, patience, and integrity. What is left is selfishness, pride, and arrogance that breeds contempt, instability, and confusion. The result of this sin leads to disease and disease leads to that persons demise.

God’s plan for your life is this. Healthy marital relationships where sex  is enjoyed and exclusive between a man and woman. Any other union will receive the judgment of God and this may be found in scientific data. These people will have higher levels of stress, disease, confusion, memory loss, panic attacks, sleeplessness, and sleep paralysis.

I repeat. Sin is the root problem. The solution is repentance and giving your life to Jesus Christ. God is literally yelling. I AM the only way. I AM the only way. I AM the only way.


Musicians die younger than everyone else even if they don’t fall victim to the tragic ’27 club’

Popular musicians’ lifespans are up to 25 years shorter than the comparable US population. Research by Sydney University also found suicide and homicide rates amongst musicians rose in the 1990s. Professor Dianna Kenny examined 12,665 dead stars from all popular genres between 1950 and 2014. Plane and car crashes killed stars in the 50s and 60s, such as Buddy Holly. A number of popular musicians – including Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain – Amy Winehouse – Janis Joplin have died at the age of 27.

In the past six decades homicide rates were up to eight times greater amongst musicians than the US population. Female musicians tend to die in their early 60s rather than their 80s. Male musicians die in their late 50s compared to non-rockers at 75. She concluded that the ‘pop music “scene” fails to provide boundaries and to model and expect acceptable behaviour’ Read more

Studies of more than 126,000 people have shown that those who regularly attend church are 29 per cent more likely to live longer than non-churchgoers. A University of Texas study found that church attenders live up to seven years longer than non-attenders, and the most regular attenders have the longest life expectancy.

A Duke University study of 2391 people who were at least 65 years old found that regular churchgoers who also prayed daily or studied the Bible daily were 40 per cent less likely to have high blood pressure than those who did not. Elderly churchgoers had better mental health and were less likely to have high degrees of a protein associated with age-related illness. Read more


Getting Married Is Not an Accomplishment

marriage an accomplishment

I noticed an article written on the HuffingtonPost.com by a single woman who claims that marriage is not an accomplishment and wanted to respond to this article in a blog post.

She says:

My frustration is this: It is 2016 and being popped the question is still more celebrated than academic and professional pursuits of women. Yes, college graduations and landing a great career and receiving wonderful promotions are all received with happiness from friends and family, but not even close to the same level of elation received when you announce that you are getting hitched. This is my experience, at least.

“It’s time for society as a whole to re-evaluate what aspect of women’s lives we put the most value on. “

Read more

Putting more value on education and professional pursuits is stupid. The cornerstone of every society is marriage. Marriage is the linchpin. It is the institution woven together that creates the most enduring joy and happiness. It is the foundation of many songs and praises. No one sings about an accounting degree or becoming a lawyer. When you’re sick or on your last leg it is your lover who holds your hand. It is the institution that produces the best children both economically, socially, and emotionally. Marriage is awesome and it is an accomplishment. It is the reason that whites in our society do better than blacks. Married people do better financially than non-married people. The most obvious reason of all is that marriage was designed by God and instituted by him when he brought that wonderful creature that Adam called WOman “wo-” comes from the Old English “wifmon” and means “wife.”

Education and professional pursuits are right where they need to be and I would submit they can be taken down a notch and marriage even more elevated. Often times education and professional pursuits can be a source of pride and arrogance, which will profit you nothing before God, when he asks, what have you done with my Son Jesus.

P.S. Jesus told us not to worry about things, like what are you going to wear or eat, but seek Him (relationship) first. Marriage is an accomplishment. If you’re married to Jesus first that accomplishment will carry you into heaven. Your employment dies with you. Oh! A saved husband and wife, although there are no marriages in heaven, is coming with you as well.