Responsive God

As I grow older and as I experience the ongoing war within my flesh, a conclusion has dawned on me. Growth in God is not linear. For we never outgrow our desire to sin and the same temptations that pulled at twenty will pull at thirty, forty, fifty, and beyond. Our growth and our experience is fully measured at the very end.

Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the END will be SAVED (Matthew 24:12-13).

To measure whether or not you are in, is for God to be responsive. Is he answering prayer? Are you experiencing his visible power in your life? If you cannot point to daily things that the Lord is doing, then you should consider whether or not you are in the faith.

For God is responsive to those he loves and those he hates he is eerily silent.

Seek to please God and watch for his response. We never really grow after our initial feeding on the meat of God’s Word. Now, you must simply hold on to what you have and do not allow the devil to let it slip.

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