Frequent Trips To God Strengthens The Believer

When you believe in God the Father and know His Son Jesus you have moved beyond the physical realm and have entered into the spirit. Once you are in the spirit you access the Father through prayer. You commune with God. You speak with God. Worship is a part of this realm. Singing songs and hymns to the Lord is in this realm. The presence and power of God is in this realm.

In the spirit you begin to be strengthened within your inner man. Your spirit/soul is strengthened and you become on fire. This fire that burns on the inside repels demons and causes them to tremble. A fire is placed in your eyes and weight has been granted to your words. Your words become life to those who receive them. Your desire in this realm is strictly for the Lord and you enjoy hearing his loving commands. It is in this realm where you receive your supernatural gifts. It is in this realm where you receive the mission for your life. The purpose for your existence is in this realm. Direction is in this realm.

Frequent prayer strengthens the believer because it gives you rest from the world. You leave the world and enter a new realm when you pray. You are transported from this world and now the spirit world has been opened and in this realm all things are possible to those who believe. In heavenly places you acquire tools that aid your earthly life. Tools that not only benefit you, but those who hear you.

Prayer is the door into this realm. This is why Satan hinders prayer. He does not want you access your strength and your gifts and those wonderful tools and jewels of wisdom that God grants to those who are faithful in coming to him in prayer. Keep praying. Pray everyday and ask the Lord Jesus how do I get those heavenly tools to work in the natural. Ask the Lord to show you what are the best tools for my current situation. Believe and you will receive access and wisdom.

6 responses to “Frequent Trips To God Strengthens The Believer

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  2. Beautifully said…amen!

  3. Here is the bottom line for me. Religion and its cultist doctrines have nothing to do with the God I choose to believe in through experience and not a Book which mans footprint is outwardly known. I have survived conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq and the drugs wars on the Streets of Detroit Michigan. What I was taught coming up in church was a lie but that doesn’t make my Creator my origin a lie. I don’t pray to Jesus because he is not God and not my Father. I am a Spirit contrived of good and bad energy. The ascension on either scale positive or negative permeates the end result. God is real but he is not this upside down bi-polar deity which sounds more like Satan to me who needs preachers and books to describe him or people to worship him. What is has already been and there is nothing new under the Sun. We can not verify the day we were born without a birth certificate and definitely don’t get to proof our death certificate.Just Me

    • You contradict yourself. Everyone on the planets learns from books. Your experience is the direct result of what you have learned from books. Every book goes through revisions as the words change throughout time and culture. The difference is the value you place on each book.

      As far as religion (a set of beliefs) everyone has one. For example, positive and negative, good and bad energy, are all cultist terms. These terms are also occultist and used by Satan worshippers. Coincidence? I think not.

      A spirit contrived of good and bad energy is a contradiction. There is no one who is good, but God. Either the water is fresh or salty it cannot be both.

      Work out these contradictions and I believe Jesus will visit you, if you want to be intellectually honest and desire to know the truth. If you are comfortable in your sin, then what I am saying to you, I understand is foolishness, but I think you want to learn.

      Thanks for your comment.

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