Staying the Same In A Changing World

One of the most difficult things about having a victory is that it can lead to fatigue and complacency. Two things that are detrimental to the Christian faith. While rejoicing is in order and there is a time to rejoice it is not a time to ultimately rest. While you still wear the flesh there is coming another battle right after the one you just had victory over. This battle for your mind and heart is wicked and tiresome, but a necessary burden that God has give all mankind.

While ungodly manipulators change the hearts of many toward wickedness, you must remain the same. God does not ask the believer to change with the norms of society if they violate his righteous decrees. He has asked us to be faithful. He has asked us to contend for the faith and always tell the truth. We should never pick up lying to one another about what Jesus told us to do and how to live. We should remain faithful. We should remain the same. Do not change or conform to the standards of the world that violate the commands of God.

Its easier to go with the flow of others, but you will lose your soul. Do not depart from God, like the fallen angels in heaven. They can never go back. They are waiting for a promised hell. Stay the course and dig deep. Cut out whatever you need to. You want to be saved. You do not want to come short of oil in your lamp when the King of kings requires it. You want to be ready for Jesus. Keep pressing toward God’s high calling and walk in love and peace. Do not change to the standard of this world. God is not doing anything new. Same God. Same commands. Nothing has changed with him.

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