Supplemental Interracial Powerful Spiritual Prayer

Interracial Marriage

Let’s go before the King. Pray this prayer and invite the power of God’s Spirit into your interracial marriage and interracial relationships with an eye toward interracial marriage. Of course, intraracial marriages are welcome and this prayer will bring God’s power into your marriage just the same.

There is light being placed on this post and the angel of the Lord is moving the atmosphere in your heart as you read this post. Angels are descending into your dwelling place and building a network that will provide a context for indwelling demons to tremble. As they tremble within your frame gentle ask the Lord to expel them and fill you.

Father, forgive me and the sin that I have committed and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus. Fill me with the water from the third heaven and submerge me. May I be completely filled with light and every dark…

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