Having Done All – Stand

Interracial Marriage

The mystery of iniquity is at work. The spirit of darkness is postured for the death blow. New York is already experiencing this assault as the murder rate sky rockets by 76 percent and the shooting rate by  127 percent. New York is losing billions as the millionaires flee the state. The military is receiving record numbers of suicide among its enlistees. This is only the beginning of sorrows. For when injustice rules the city it will lead to the mourning of everyone involved. The blood flowing in the streets is just the beginning. The animal attacks, the pandemic, and earthquakes are just the beginning. The prophetic end shows a picture of spilled blood so high it reaches the bridal of a horse. We have not made it there yet. It’s coming. So what should you be doing as an interracial couple in the midst of injustice, white supremacy, secularism…

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