Expected End


When calamity of any kind strikes the believer you should never be shocked and/or surprised. Why? Because God has already disclosed within His Word that trials, tribulations and persecutions would come. As a believer in Jesus Christ your life should bear the marks of Jesus Christ. To live as a Christian is to die as a sinful man and behold all things become new. You should not have trials because of sin, but out of your righteous living the trial is from the enemy of us all and his name is Satan.

While it is unlikely you will deal with the Satan cast down from heaven, he has many servants that are just like him that will fill in. You will have to war with them in your flesh and no amount of anointing or being filled with the Holy Spirit will end this war. Expect to fight the good fight of faith until you shed this flesh. There is no relief in this battle, but daily we must come before God to receive grace in our times of need. Paul said, when I would do good, evil is present. As one that casts out demons, I can assure you evil spirits dwell within your home, if they are not inside you physically because of your chaste lifestyle.

A proper mindset will guard your heart against false expectations and let downs. A proper mindset will set you up to believe God and draw from Him for everything you require. God is faithful and God is upfront about the difficulty faced in serving Him and entering His eternal kingdom. Few find it. Let us continually look up from whence cometh our help. For that is our expected end.

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