The Solution to Unifying the Races

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 8.55.32 PMBy now you have been inundated with racial news. The bubble of injustice is popping and the mess that is being made is horrifyingly good. God’s normal cleanses require death. The Flood, the firstborn in Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah, Pompeii, etc. Lasting change is never without death. It is the cornerstone of change. Salvation for the believer is only acquired because Jesus died. Death is necessary for change. George Floyd would not have been the straw without his death. His death fills up the number of deaths required for outrage and now what will become of his memorial?

The solution is easy. Punish evildoers. If the evildoers are not punished they will become emboldened and more death will follow. Blood will run in the streets and there will be no peace.

Reparations for black people. The Bible says that money answers all things. If black Americans had their own economic base, they would naturally have the power to protect themselves from race soldiers (racist police officers).

Removing statues and putting Black Lives Matter on the streets is good. Racists symbols (statues) should not be paraded for all to see, but relegated to dusty closets in a historic museum.



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