You Don’t See Miracles and Your Prayer is Powerless

22d0c63f36a84746f7b39365a822b8d0God will never be mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, he reaps. Anyone can have a conversation with themselves or with the universe. Anyone can speak into the ear hoping to be heard by someone, but few know how to address a King.

If you are going to have a conversation with God that leads to power you must understand your position and the position of the one you are trying to reach. In the natural, there are natural barriers. I cannot simply pick up the phone and call Scarlett Johannson. There are steps I must take to get her ear. God is no different.

You can cry and shout and act frantic, but will God hear? Saul sought with tears the Lord and was not heard. How many have cried out and received no answer? How many have given up and say within their hearts there is no God. I tried your God and it did not work. You have rightly said, you tried “my” God. God must be your God to be heard on high.

You must submit yourself before the Mighty God of Israel. You must confess your sins and position yourself with humility. There is a time when tears and shouts will work, however, not without an already established relationship. You do not role up on God and make demands, no you humble yourself under His preexisting demands and he will hear you.

You cannot skip steps with God. There is only one door and no other way. You take his way or remain on the highway to hell. You may start here with this prayer:

Heavenly Father, forgive me. I have sinned against you. I have taken the will that you have given me and rejected you and now I come to you, confessing my sins before you. I will look for your hands in motion as I submit to your demands. I will turn away from lying and speak the truth, I will cease sexual sin and honor you. Heal my mind and renew a right spirit within me. My hands are lifted high, please make them holy. I believe in Jesus and the work done on the cross. I believe in the resurrection and I believe in the Comforter whom you will send. My heart is open for your reception. Breathe life into me and make me over. In Jesus name.

In your obedience read the Bible and listen without adding your context.

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