For many cautious Blacks and Interracial Couples, the move to reopen America is not a ‘black friendly’ campaign

Interracial Marriage


As protests erupt over stay-at-home orders and the clamor to reopen the economy becomes louder, the coalition of people storming state Capitols — some armed with semi-automatic weapons and most not wearing masks or observing social distancing guidelines — have had one thing in common: Almost all of them are white.

African Americans, for the most part, are not joining the crowds in California, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and other parts of the country to demand that local governments reopen their cities.

For many black Americans, the general perception is that the throngs of white protesters are steeped in racism, white supremacy and anti-black sentiments. And so many black Americans would feel unwelcome — and perhaps afraid — given the presence of Confederate flags, swastikas and hangman’s nooses. Source


A hostile climate for black people and interracial couples is often overblown to create fear. The fear is then manipulated to move…

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