Staying the Same in a Changing World


There is nothing new under the sun and the world and society moves in a circular pattern, but the difference is that each rotation brings us closer to the end and the coming of Jesus Christ. This means that with each rotation and with each age of evil the sin is worse. The pattern of wickedness grows with each new invention.

The Bible says that God made man upright, but he sought out many inventions. We have virtual reality pornography, sex-bots, and new mind-altering drugs. We have men removing their genitals for female ones and women removing their genitals for male ones. We have children being given opposing hormones to transfer their bodies and prevent them from entering the puberty that God intended. Sin is waxing worse. The amount of female predator teachers sleeping with children is at an all time high and their is no judgment going forth on these women. Sin is waxing worse.

There is an attack on President Trump and we all know why, yes white supremacy exists, but Trump tried to remove homosexuals and transgenders from the military, Trump tried putting the Bible back in school and Trump mentions Jesus Christ during a tree lighting ceremony. Who would hate that? The sexually immoral.

It is one thing to be guilty of sin and call it sin and another thing to deny sin exists in the first place. No one is without sin. Give me a sinner who calls sin and evil that God judges over anyone who ignores and promotes evil and calls it good.

What does the Christian do in this evil hour? We must guard our heart like never before and arm our children with wisdom and truth. In the year 2020, training your children in the things of God will be more crucial then ever before. Satan has been given permission to run all kinds of wicked schemes with resistance that is minimal. If you want saved children, you cannot use your parents training, it must be more intense, specific, and fueled with God’s power.

Activate your faith and start operating in the gifts of the Spirit and teach them to your children, right now. The old Christian training in this hour is insufficient. Be about the Lord’s business on a daily basis.

Let’s pray: God help us live with the understanding of your timing and teach us how to train our children in righteousness. In Jesus name.

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