Never Give Up


If God has revealed His plan and you know His Son Jesus then you have a responsibility to never give up. It is important that you stay the course. If you have fallen and your outlook on life is bleak because of the deception of sin, you owe your soul to never give in and call it quits. Keep pressing toward the mark of God’s High Call.

You may have stubborn sin and you keep falling. Keep asking God for forgiveness. Never settle in your sin. You want to be ready for the return of Jesus or your death, which ever comes first. More likely, you will die before God returns if you are reading this in 2019.

Make the most out of every opportunity and look for the Lord in every situation. God may show up as a man or woman asking for help or He may show up as peace filling your soul. Always seek to know what God thinks about a situation. Be ready to give thanks and enter His courts with praise.

God will show up and lead you. God will guide and keep you. God will place his favor upon you as you fill your mind with His word and walk by His Holy Spirit.

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