The Power Of Sealing Your Heart

iuIt is important in this hour of information overload that you know how to seal your heart. It is equally important that you know where your heart is. The revelation of the location of your heart is known through the things that either worry or weigh you down. Where is your heavy burden? This is the arrow pointing to the direction of your heart.

When another humans words move you to the point of incapacitating you, your heart is on earth. You mind earthly things. This is not the location God has commanded for your heart to be. The location of your heart will determine how bullet proof you are to the things of this world.

We all know that offenses will come and disagreements with family member, cohorts, business partners, or friends cannot be avoided. The damaging outcomes that lead some to suicide, depression, assault, and other ungodly behaviors are results from an incorrect location of the heart. Where has God commanded the believers heart to be?

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth (Colossians 3:2). It is your responsibility to set your heart in heaven. The place where God is able to speak directly to it and give you his direct power. Your heart controls your mouth and if its set in heaven then your speech will become seasoned with grace, love, peace, hope and power. 

God always reveals the secrets of mens hearts and revelations of the evil spirits you are dealing with on earth. Your wisdom will increase and you will receive the back story to comments people make and your level of living on earth will increase. You will no longer think like others because you will have the mind of Christ. Why? Because your affection is no longer on the earth, but in heaven and your operation on earth will be the manifestation of what happens in heaven.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I offer my heart to you. In a physical sign, I lift my right hand high and ask you to take my heart with all its attachments. I am releasing to you everything. I am holding nothing back and all its cords belong to you. Take my heart and seal it. Seal it, in heaven with you and begin to speak to my heart directly in Jesus name. Your servant is listening to your way and will carry out your hearts desire, that has now become mine. In Jesus name. Give me discernment and conviction when the devil is near, so that I may operate at a higher level in you. In Jesus name. I am glad that you have my heart and I choose to leave it with you. I am now operating by your hand squeezing my heart in heaven to pump life into all of my extremities here on earth. In Jesus name.

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