Black men: Watch out for the Queen of Spades

queen of spades
As interracial relationships grow by leaps and bounds, satan has sought to capitalize on this movement. He has marked hundreds of white women with satanic tattoos of the queen of spades for the express purpose to drag black men to hell. These white women have successful killed thousands according to the evil spirit I spoke with. These women promote sexual deviltry and whoredom. Any black man that desires to see heaven will run the other way. There speech is laced with a demonic seduction and they have power in multiple areas of their body. Death and destruction is all that you will receive from them. A wise man will flee and live.

Don’t play games with them and do not deceive yourself into thinking your swagger attracts them. Its your soul that attracts them. Particularly, your souls entrance into the lakes of fire. So if you desire life and abundance you will follow the voice of God and submit yourself under the the authority of Jesus Christ otherwise you will be destroyed.

The seductress hunts for the precious life. Submit to God and resist the devil and she will flee from you. Keep Jesus on your lips and your affections posted in heaven and live.



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