Do more people believe in God in Trump’s America?

A 2017 study published in Sociological Science showed that those who are intensely religious are still going to church consistently and frequently, but once-a-week attendance is dropping. Mr Smith also noted the data shows the number of Americans identifying as atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular is “growing very, very rapidly”.

“The share of Americans who identify with Christianity is declining because the share of Americans who identify with no religion is growing,” Mr Smith said. A 2017 study by the Public Religion Research Institute also tracked a diminishing white Christian presence across the US.

In 1996, 65% of Americans identified as white Christians. Over the last decade, that number has dropped to 43%.”More than one in three millennials are now religiously unaffiliated. On average 3,500 churches close every year in America.”

For many white Americans the notion of a white Jesus and the visible racism within many white churches has caused millennials to become disillusioned by the church. For years they believed that African Americans were in poverty due to laziness and irresponsibility, but now more and more whites are coming into the knowledge that systemic racism within the Christian church has helped to keep black people down.

This great hypocrisy of the white church has led to an exodus of white people who are confused about what is real. If God is not white, then I have been lied to all these years and what other lies is the Christian church holding? Twitter is filled with fake Christians who continue to push the white Jesus and this only pushes the millennials further away as they have already been exposed to this lie.

Black Christians grow because like all groups who suffer, Jesus becomes a linchpin for the impoverished. While some blacks are shell shocked by the fallacy of the white Jesus, most blacks never felt comfort in the arms of a white man anyway. So worshipping God in Spirit and truth has always been a part of many black homes.

If the majority of white Christians continue down this racist path they will lose all their members and be left with blatant white supremacists cults and before long the structure of America will collapse with the increase of wickedness in the largest community in America.

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