You Can Be A Believer With Unbelieving Parents

When God fashioned you and designed you for the entrance into what we call the earth, you start off in His image. Your socioeconomic background, race, age or gender is not a hindrance for the reception of God. What hinders you is your unbelief. If you refuse to hear the voice of the blind (unbelieving), God will grant you supernatural wisdom that will surpass the knowledge of your unbelieving parents. This knowledge is not for you to be lifted up in pride, but for God to use you to be a blessing to your unbelieving parents. You will become a conduit for them to receive grace and blessings.

As you obey God’s voice, expect your parents to act more ungodly. Satans number one tactic is to destroy your resolve early. Expect this. This is wisdom for you. This is only the beginning. As you read the Bible and your knowledge grows, your love for your unbelieving parents will grow, your obedience will grow and the devil’s hands on the necks of your parents will begin to tremble. Keep living for Jesus. Your relationship will get better, but be careful, Satan has his hand on your parents neck still. The evil spirits are only weak, not gone.

Your parents will need to become Christians to receive the light of God to free them. Keep living right and doing what the Bible calls righteous. Watch out for ungodly friends, who you will surpass in maturity, but your flesh is still alive and will pull you toward the pleasures of sin. Understand your choices here will determine your future issues in life. The closer you stay to Jesus the less drama, you will experience and the horrible stories your unbelieving peers will have to tell, will not be yours.

Stay in God and God will stay in you. Deceivers will come, but God will give you discernment.


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