Harley Barber, Former University of Alabama Alpha Phi Member from New Jersey Under Fire For Anti-Black Rant

The below attachments are raw and reveal the deep seated heart of racism within our country. A racism that has not simmered with slight advancements of black people, nor slowed down with all kinds of diversity training. The reason is simple. The structures of white supremacy are secure. This story is a prime example of the lack of accountability that permeates our society.

Harley Barber was not alone in the video, nor was she alone in her thinking. Every girl in the video and in the Alpha Phi should be held accountable. This is how rape culture continues. People see things that are dangerous and turn a blind eye and the assailant is able to rape multiple women and everyone around knows what is going on. Harley Barber and her friends were fully aware of her behavior and did nothing. They too should be held accountable.

Harley Barber should not be highlighted alone. The cover up is systemic white supremacy in action. Make her the martyr, the lone wolf for the object of ridicule by social media, while her friends pass on the same behavior in their dorm rooms and on the people they meet along the way. Its not over until all sin has been rooted out and cleansed. Otherwise, round 2 is simply around the corner.

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