Pulling Your Power Out

It is hard to believe, but the human body is capable of housing a legion of demons. One human has the capacity be filled with over 3,000 demons. Each with a separate personality and function. Although, they have the same master and follow the same playbook, they each have specific functions on the prism of evil that may be performed on earth.

Considering that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we also have our own spirit within the center of our being, angels and even God is able to occupy a space within the vastness of what is considered our being. Very difficult to comprehend and so complex that no one knows how it all works, but God allows us to catch glimpses or parts that enable us to grow spiritually.

What this means is that we must cling to the Word to be free to obey the will of God. Demons are fully aware of our blindness to them and work diligently to stay hidden, while working behind the scenes to destroy your life and those you love.

You may have the gift to cast out demons, but be aware that your level of anointing has a limit and some evil spirits are so powerful and can withstand so much torture that even after you feel light, there may be stronger ones that you cannot see.

Now the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and God alone is to be feared, because he alone has hell’s keys and decides whether your fight of faith was acceptable. It must be stated that faith without works is dead. Your salvation is a gift in so much as your faith (work) is able to receive it. The Bible states that many will think they are God’s servant and will discover later they were the servant of Satan.

How does this happen? There is no fear and trembling in the working out of ones salvation. Fallen into the demonic attack that God doesn’t require much from us is a lie that many in hell today have fallen victim to. God requires a lot and Job tells us that man born of women is few days old and full of trouble. So how do I pull the power out?

You must recognize first the darkness within and call it out in Jesus name. You know the areas of your life where you are not faithful to God and behind those actions there is a demon. Call that evil spirit out. It may be lust, fear, pride, anger, worry, limitation, anxiety, envy, or depression and many others. Call out whatever is wrong in your life by name/function and tell that evil spirit to descend into the pit in Jesus name. You must call that evil spirit to the floor and recognize his work. Laziness is another evil spirit. Once you have done this, until the point of a physical manifestation, then ask for Jesus to fill your entire being with more of him. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and forgive others and ask for more of him in your life.

Let Jesus know that you want to be hidden and crucified in him. That when people see you they see Jesus because you have died and no longer live for self, but whatever the Father wills. You want to operate through Jesus love and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus peace and not your own. You want to operate through Jesus joy and not your own. When people see you they see Jesus because you have emptied your will and ask Jesus to fill you to overflowing with his will. This is how you pull power out.

It is not humanism, pulling on some vague inner strength, but a replacement of your strength, you connect to Jesus and pull from him. Just like the woman with the issue of blood. She knew how to draw from Jesus, now you know how to draw from Jesus as well. Everything you do is by faith, but you are working out what I have already written.

Preparing the ground through forgiveness, Calling out the darkness, and asking for the filling and replacement power source in Jesus name.

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