The Problem With Moving Forward And Maturing

There is this idea for some that Christianity operates on point A to Z spectrum. You start at point A (unsaved) and you move to point B (saved by the blood) and with Biblical study and obedience you move to point C (holiness) and point D (extreme holiness) and so on. There is a verse that reads, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:18). Naturally, this would suggest that your so called progression makes falling that much more difficult as you are now mature in Christ, but you would be wrong.

The same flesh that controlled you before salvation is not deactivated in salvation, it is only contained as you stand guard and make sure it doesn’t escape. Your maturity in Christ is the amount of knowledge you hold about the things of God, but does nothing for your ability to walk in obedience with God. Ask Solomon how wisdom failed him. He did not keep watch over his flesh and it escaped and it took over and he married many ungodly women who turned his heart from God. Wisdom alone is not enough to keep you.

What keeps the believer is God’s grace and our purposeful attention to watch on a daily basis. This means both day and night. Our failure to watch will be our demise. It will not be your knowledge or your wisdom, but your faithfulness to watch your flesh and make sure it is contained. Sometimes people get the idea that deliverance equals cure. No deliverance is like flu medicine. It helps with the feelings of sickness, but it does not cure your body. No your body continues the fight, until the sickness is contained. You are never cured, given the right environment and the flu will be upon you yet again.

If pride was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. If lust was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. If anger was an issue when you were lost, it will be an issue when you are saved. Moses spent 40 days in God’s direct presence and in an instant his anger & I would say his pride flared up and he had to return to the mountain top. That is how alive our flesh is. Paul said, he beat his body and made it obey him, his body and our body will fight us. It does not like the law of God at all. Sinning is so easy, but walking in obedience to God in our weak area is not. We must fight it and watch for it daily. If we fail to watch, we will fall.

Every believer would love to have a wand that made obeying God in our weakness easy and sinning difficult, but no such wand exists and no such believer within the pages of Scripture did not struggle with their flesh on a daily basis. It is one reason, you should take each day one at a time and do not borrow worry. There is already enough evil in one day to deal with, don’t add evil from another day.


2 responses to “The Problem With Moving Forward And Maturing

  1. Good word! My goal this year is YES LORD, as He shows me the areas I need to walk in obedience. YES LORD, as day by day He draws me closer. Focusing on THIS day, with no worry, for His word says, be anxious for nothing.

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