What I Learned From 2017 – My Thoughts on 2018

Christianity under attack is not new. The war against God’s children will not cease and the war on the ignorant to keep them blind will never cease. The war against light and dark, predates the creation of the earth and will not end until God is ready. So what have I learned from 2017 about the strategy that Satan is using against God’s children?

To the church of the United States of America, I have seen your works and how some of you are resisting abortion, sexual immorality, and the political attacks on Christianity in the media, film, television, social media, & and movies. I also see under the same umbrella you support financially the things that promote Satan’s agenda by handing over your dollars to the very same people who support sexually immorality, abortion, and political attacks on Christianity. Your mouth is saying one thing, but your actions are saying something entirely different.

I have seen white Christians in particular support the system of white supremacy and require pressuring to give lip service that race doesn’t matter, but every action they take is saying something entirely different. When challenged about the disparity between white and black wealth in a supposed Christian nation on statistical paper they ignore the reality, sidestep, lie and dismiss the millions of blacks who experience the assault of white supremacy on a daily basis.

I have seen black Christians in particular support charlatans in the pulpit as they make merchandise of you and you foolishly continue in the same way, even though you still live in poverty. The black and white wealth gap has increased while your false prophets have lied to you about the blessings that God promised. Is God a liar? I think not. You live in denial and you are wasting your God given gifts.

It is no secret that Christians and the unbeliever need money to survive and thrive. Satan and his children know this more than Christians do. The advancement in sexual immorality, the black & white wealth gap, and US Christian persecution is the result of political funding in the market place. Satan works hard to make Christians think poverty is a badge of honor. The Bible says that money answers all things and it is a great defense. The children of light need to learn this now for 2018.

Satan is sending out legions of evil spirits of limitation, specifically designed to retard Christians. In 2018, the focus will be to strip the Christian out of all their wealth. These evil spirits will be working overtime to get you fired from your job, cause division in your family and give you feelings of euphoria to enter bad relationships and fund the ungodly through vain purchases. Your mentality going into 2018 should be to make calculated spending that promotes Godliness. Before you go to the theater, you should know what the director funds, the actor and actress and don’t fund your own demise. You cannot escape funding the devil in some way or another, you would have to leave the planet, but you should minimize spending disposal income on deviltry.

In 2018, hold your pastors accountable. If they are not spending more money in changing policies that effect you as a citizen in the United States of America and protects and emboldens you as a Christian, fire them. Serving God should result in tangible results of change. No one in America can say they have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. The foundation of Christianity is known. We must move past the foundation and start working on the structure itself and get this building up.

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