Mother accused of subjecting healthy son to 323 hospital visits, 13 surgeries

Eight-year-old Christopher Bowen of Dallas has reportedly been hospitalized more than 300 times and undergone 13 major surgeries ― and he may not have needed any of it.

The interview was conducted during a bike rally intended to raise $30,000 for Christopher’s care.

The following year, a friend of Bowen-Wright’s used GoFundMe to raise $610 so Christopher could go to the beach. According to the fundraiser page, Christopher had been diagnosed with cancer and had just six months to live.

“I want him to build sand castles, walk on the beach and let the waves hit him as he plays with his family,” the organizer wrote.

Later, when Christopher was a kindergartner at White Rock Elementary School in Lake Highlands, a YouCaring campaign was organized by a group of friends and supporters. By the time it ended, the campaign had raised roughly $8,000 “to help young Christopher and his family as they struggle against a disease that is slowly ending his life.” read more

The father wants custody and is upset that his son had to endure this type of treatment.

It appears communication among doctors is either needed and/or the doctors also need to be investigated as well. They should not be ordering tests on a mother’s diagnosis, but their own. They went to medical school, not the mother. It appears both were gaining some monetary benefit at the expensive of yet another black male child.


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