The Alt-Right Doesn’t Know What to Do With White Women

F. Roger Devlin is the leading voice of far-right gender politics. But he’s facing pushback from a new group of white nationalist women. As he whined in “Sexual Utopia in Power,” “Western women [have] become the new ‘white man’s burden.’” At the 2016 NPI conference where he fretted over the fate of straight white men in Norway, he suggested that white men adopt “a policy of writing off women who take up with their swarthy oppressors.” In other words, white men should decline sex with women who have slept with non-whites. Such a move would be “eugenic,” he says, as it “[flushes] disloyalty from our gene pool.”

This type of speech gives rise to fear and a movement toward ungodliness, but is the narrative justified by the data? Most people remain within there race and although there is an increase in interracial marriage, this is not an indication of the end of white supremacy. White women have been having sexual relations with black men since the beginning. Of course, this attack on white women is a deflection from the real issue, which leads us back to white supremacy.

In Christ, we are all one and there is no marriage in heaven. In light of this, how should we responds as Holy Ghost filled believers? Nothing changes for us. We contend for the faith and we love God with everything we have and God will empower us to love our family, neighbor and enemies. God’s promises will be fulfilled in your life when you remain on God’s path.

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