White Female Utah cheerleaders scream ‘f*ck n*ggers’ in widely shared Instagram video

Amelia Stoddard, Liz Pollard, Kassi Colquitt, Cloie Malan are cheerleaders at  Weber School District that are shown on instagram screaming, “f*ck n*ggers.” A recording that will not be posted here. A recording that has the few black people that attend this school concerned.

What should concern black people the most is how these stories are covered in a non-condescending way that reveals the system of white supremacy at work, but more importantly the system that victimizes your ability to be free citizens should be of most concern.

Name calling isn’t the greatest issue, it is the system that continues to push injustice that hinders and harms the black community over and over again. It is why the stats show that blacks are moving backwards as systemic white supremacy refines itself. As a black believer in the the system of white supremacy, your response should remain the same, acknowledge God in all of your ways and He will direct your path. When you have opportunity to effect policy, then makes sure you effect every police in the direction of justice.

#Pray that God will bring #justice to Hollywood, Charlottesville, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, & Utah.

One response to “White Female Utah cheerleaders scream ‘f*ck n*ggers’ in widely shared Instagram video

  1. It just makes me sick that this could even happen in my hometown. 😥 I cannot understand why these girls would do such a thing. Although I know there is racial hate, intolerance and white supremacy everywhere, please know that this does not represent Utah, or who we are.

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