Meat For White Supremacist That Want To Meet Jesus

The way that leads to eternal life is narrow and few find it. It is because the way is narrow. There is not a lot of room for mankind to live the way they have been raised, unless Jesus was doing the raising, and choose many things that Jesus has not sanctioned that disqualify one from being his son or daughter. God is very clear about the type of person that will see him and the type of person he will meet. He is very particular. Notice the work of God in the days of Noah, saved only eight. His work in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, saved only three. His work in Pompeii, Jericho, & Egypt when the Israelites crossed the sea. How many Egyptians were saved? God only saves a few that are righteous.

We find ourselves in the 21st century in a time and space where white supremacy is the law of the land. Pick any country and turn on the television and who do you see? White people. Black Africans are bleaching their skin to become white because they have been fooled into thinking that will save them from white rage and it has not. They have taken the Satanic image of the white Jesus and placed them into their homes thinking that will save them & poverty and lack is all they see. We come to America and black people in their churches, always confessing God will make a way and the blessing is around the corner, but they are still largely unemployed or underemployed, mass incarcerated, and many of them who own property have them in failing districts. They are on schedule to be a zero net worth by 2020. There plight is not by mistake or misfortune, but done on purpose, by what has been termed white supremacy.

Here we have the white oppressor and the black slaves, but neither one will be rescued by God without repentance. The white supremacist so-called Christian that began in the KKK church and extends today will not get away from God. The rich heap up treasures for the last day and God will give away his profits to the man or woman who is righteous and the lakes of fire will be the reward of those who practice wickedness. So how do you identify whether you fit the so-called Christian white supremacist? You deny black injustice in America. You deny white supremacy. You prop up black athletes, but never question how come there are no black sports owners. You protect white criminals in the church and outside the church. You hate interracial marriage. You prop up the white Jesus without Scriptural support. You lie on black people and tell lies to your children. If any of these things fit you, then you have an issue with Jesus.

Jesus has only one issue with men and that is unconfessed sin. If you want to be saved and one of the eight saved in the days of Noah, you must confess your sin of white supremacy. It is near impossible not to have it working in your life because the system is baked into every area of life. The school system, television, snack cakes, your teachers, coaches, friends, video games, etc. Its time to let it go and let God heal you. This weight is heavy, it causes depression, anxiety, misery, high blood pressure and for some white supremacist even suicide. Be healed today. Pray this prayer.

Heavenly Father, I confess that I have enjoyed the fruits of white supremacy and have used its privilege to garnish rewards and oppress others directly and indirectly. I have not been a strong defender of the gospel of love and have made separation a daily diet. I have practiced denial because its painful to hear. Take every evil root lodged inside and pull it out. Forgive me for every sin in this area and any other addictions and sins that I have committed. Forgive me Jesus and cleanse my heart of all unrighteousness. Open my eyes and let me see the world how it really is. I want to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and power. I want to be renewed and filled with joy. Break every chain off of my head and anoint me in Jesus name.

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