Marital Fidelity

marital fidelity
On average, young married men, aged 28-30, make $15,900 more than their single peers, and married men aged 44-46 make $18,800 more than their single peers.

That’s even after controlling for differences in education, race, ethnicity, regional unemployment, and scores on a test of general knowledge. What’s more: the marriage premium operates for black, Hispanic, and less-educated men in much the same way as it does for men in general.

Marriage does wonders for your emotional quotient and minimizes loneliness and depression. Of course, with all the benefits of marriage there are things that Satan can use to eliminate all benefits and make one believe it is the worse decision that one could ever make.

Serious enemies to marriage are parental involvement, single friends, & toxic church members or even co-workers. These individuals may be blessings, but only when they stay within the lane that God has called them. God tells the man to cleave unto his wife and that he and the wife become a single unit with borders around their relationship. When these borders or boundaries are crossed a root of bitterness can grow. This root of bitterness can eat on your marriage like cancer and will destroy it.

Your mission as a marital unit is to keep your marriage free from extra people within its borders. The only authorized person within the boundaries of your marriage is Jesus. When Jesus is the center of your marriage and he is the source of your power for living holy, you will fulfill the promises you made at the alter and the marriage may be guarded by angels sent from heaven.

Do not hesitate to gently nudge well meaning people out of your marriage, if they have trouble with boundaries and let them know God’s plan for marital units and why its important for them to cease being busybodies and entertain their own marital unit or find someone that is free of marriage to get heavily involved with.


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