Don’t Speak Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Bible, Bible, Bible Without Action

We are living in dangerous terrain for Christians. While President Trump has signed a light executive order protecting Christians and has spoken about making sure we are not removed from every facet of life, there is much knowledge to be had and work to be accomplished.

When the Bible speaks about conforming to the worlds standard, it is specifically speaking about things that God has called sin that the world has called good. Side chicks are not sinners, they speak to the need for outsourcing in marriage. Fornication isn’t sin, its a trial run for marriage. Genocidal behavior is not sin, its a calling from birth. These things the Christian should not conform to.

Christians should seek to change the world. We should be deliberate about using what God has given us to be a blessing. We should be the epitome of love and should be the ones that continually edify. We should know about the things that are happening in our world. We should seek to change them with our resources. We should not allow the devil to move without contending for the faith. We should be standing in our armor fully clothed. We should not be afraid or dismayed by evil news, but should be encouraged to know the truth and be bold in our speech to proclaim it.

Running away from bad news has never healed the sick or made things better. Confronting the news in the power of God through Jesus Christ is the way a Christian should behave.


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