You May Be Defeated By The Oppressor


The Christian is instructed by God to live a life free of unnecessary distractions and one that is filled with loving Him and others created in God’s image. The Christian is instructed to pray for his enemies and do good to them that use them and to turn the ungodly over to the Lord for judgment. God will repay the wicked for their godless deeds and any injustice they practice in oppressing others because of advantage.

On the outset it will look like God has failed the Christian and they were the fools who trusted Him. It will look like the wicked are wise and they are getting away with murder and injustice. It will look like the best decision a Christian can make is to do away with loving others and receiving hate and pick up some of the world’s ways of handling situations. It will appear that Christians are hopeless.

Jesus appeared hopeless when he went to the cross and surrendered his life to mankind. It looked like the leader of Christianity would suffer and die for nothing. His followers scattered and He cried. Three days later he rose from the dead with all power in His hand and a glorified body. He had the keys of hell in his hands and fire in His eyes. Death could not hold him. His oppressors were unable to stop Him from taking the throne and spreading His gospel through the Holy Spirit. His message in the book of Revelation is to hold on to the faith. To keep it close. To not fear death that is promised to some through martyrdom. So that we can mimic the resurrection, when we take our final breathe.


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