Tim Gill Makes War Declaration With God

Tim Gill has made the declaration that he will punish Christians. He has spent the most money toward that goal to the tune of $422 million dollars. His public declaration of his plan reveals his confidence toward that end. Now God does not fear this man at all and neither should you as a Christian. His threats toward destroying religious freedom in America may or may not be successful. Our Christian Bible teaches us that the wicked will rule in the end and many Christians blood will be spilled in the future. Is it time for his rule? It is difficult to say without a clear word from the Lord, whether or not this is Christianity’s last stand.

Christians in America have been taking major blows from within and without. To stories that shame the church with ungodly behavior within, to racism within our walls, and false teachers that have infiltrated the church. We have taken blows to the head with attacks on our jobs, some have been sued, & others deemed criminal. There are threats on every side. Paul was in the same condition with threats on every side & yet we are still here in 2017. Those who know Biblical history are aware that persecution often strengthens the church, rather than weaken it. In the height of persecution, small differences are of little concern, only that Jesus died for our sins and we must be faithful.

Lets use Tim Gill’s serious threat against our way of life as a warning from Satan and respond accordingly. Let’s petition the King and see what he will answer when we call. Let’s humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God and see if God is ready for action or will he sit back waiting for His previous prophetic utterance to come to pass. Do not fear this man or his money. Fear God. His real war is not with Christians, he is spitting in the face of his Creator and he will answer him and his money will not deliver him from an Almighty God.


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