Drawing Recognition From God

As the world becomes colder, receiving valuable recognition will not come without a high cost. People will use and abuse you for pennies of recognition. Some will even go through dangerous lengths to seek praises from others and their lives will be filled with taking on multiply identities to received that inner validation. You should not require recognition from others. You should not have to drive an expensive car, expensive clothing, purses, or jewelry to receive recognition. As a believer in Jesus Christ, your validation and recognition should come from Jesus.

This is not to say that you deny awards or not smile if you receive a trophy, but these man made tools of recognition should not rule you. Your identity should be solely found in Jesus Christ, as you have died and become a new creature destined for a new heaven & earth. Your old needs should die and behold all things should become new. This means new forms of recognition gleaned from walking in obedience to the wisdom of Jesus Christ. You should glory in God. You should glean all of your recognition from Jesus.

If you feel sad about not receiving recognition from others, it is time you draw near unto God the author and finisher of your faith. When the time comes for extreme persecution you will need to know how to draw everything you need from Jesus.


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