Woman who was shot dead by her Red Cross medical director boyfriend along with their son and the family dog

The Nevada woman whose American Red Cross director boyfriend killed her, their son, their dog and then himself was due to leave him, her mother has revealed.

The bodies of Dr John Lunetta, 40, his girlfriend Karen Jackson, 35, their son John Jr, who would have turned one-year-old Wednesday, and the family’s dog were discovered Monday night in their Las Vegas home. Read more

This story looks like an open and closed case of a boyfriend enraged over a cheating girlfriend (wife type, they were shacking). Jackson’s pictures with black men and barely nothing on triggered Lunetta’s rage and the thought of another man raising his son was too much to bear. Jealousy is the rage of a man.

People take extra risks when they do things that clearly break trust and extend the exclusivity that a relationship among a man and female should be.


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