‘Multiple’ bodies in 12.5ft-deep grave and person of interest, Cosmo DiNardo, 20, heir to a vast real estate, bragged about killing people in the past’ was arrested

Cosmo DiNardo attended Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem. A grade school that cost over $20,000 a year to attend. Average SAT Score V/M (3-year Rolling Average): 1235 Graduates Attending College: 100%

It has been learned that DiNardo is the son of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo, a couple that purchased the massive 90 acres of farmland where police are searching for four missing men, according to NBC 10.

Authorities in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have found human remains on the farmland. Some human remains were identified as belonging to Dean A. Finocchiaro, 18. Finocchiaro and three other young men went missing in Pennsylvania last week Police were led to the farmland in their search for the missing men – Mark Sturgis, 22, Tom Meo, 21, Finocchiaio, and Jimi Tar Patrick, 19.

Cosmo DiNardo, got what he wanted at the time he wanted it. His evil lust lead him down a path that many entitled and privileged people find themselves on. How many bodies of people you will never know from the result of entitled rich people. Read more

Holy Ghost Preparatory School

It is difficult to predict this type of tragedy. The best thing that parents can do, is make sure they know who their children have yoked themselves with and know their parents. Be the watchmen. Ultimately, keep your children under a blanket of prayer. In Jesus name.

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