Hate-filled Brooklyn attackers assault boyfried of an interracial couple

A pair of Brooklyn bigots unleashed a ferocious attack on an interracial couple, dropping the N-word and threatening a lynching before viciously beating the twosome.

“I feel like I’m back 50 years ago or something,” said Anna, 38, who was attacked with her boyfriend, John, outside Coney Island Hospital last weekend.

“Being attacked for (our races) — it’s the first time,” she told the Daily News on Tuesday. “I’ve never felt any hate from people that live here.”

Anna is a white native of Moldova, while John, 42, is a black man from Trinidad. Both asked that their last names be omitted to prevent any reprisals from their accused racist tormenters.

Anna and John were planning to celebrate their sixth anniversary when they ran into the foul-mouthed assailants, who police identified as Bernard Szurant and Rudolph Evmenenko. The couple had just parked their car and was crossing E. 17th St. and Ave. R in Sheepshead Bay at 5:50 a.m. on Saturday when a soused Szurant and Evmenenko began their hate-fueled barrage, according to the victims and authorities.

“This is our neighborhood you f—–g n—–! Get out of here!” Szurant, 25, and Evmenenko, 27, allegedly screamed just before the 6:30 a.m. assault. Read more

John was later treated for bruising and swelling on his face, a contusion on his arm, which he got while defending himself.

At one point during the assault, Anna’s boyfriend attempted to use his cell phone to call police — but Evmeneko knocked it out of his hand and prevented him from doing so, the complaint says.

Cops eventually arrived at the scene and arrested Szurant and Evmeneko, charging them with assault, menacing, criminal mischief and harassment. They should have been charged with a hate crime.

Notice the age of these racist white men. The white supremacist machine is still churning out new white supremacist for every age. These men are from generation Z. They are past generation Y (Millennials) and yet hold tightly to doctrines that have been debunked in our present age. Where did these men get this superiority complex? What god did they look to that signs off on their behavior as defending their faith? How did they come to the knowledge of owning white women? Who is perpetuating this belief? Does it have a Biblical basis? These men come from a predominately Christian nation.

It is important that everyone that claims Christianity as the basis for their belief, promote the Biblical way of worshiping the Almighty God and King.

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