Vibrations and Invisible Friends

invisibleIt is important for the Christian parent to be aware of invisible friends. Often demons come to children early to deceive them into doing things that will destroy their future as adults. These invisible friends are responsible for child suicide, murder, & stealing.

You may have recently heard the news that Canada will take your children, if they want a gender reassignment and you refuse as a parent. This is coming to America. It already exists in the military paying for such surgeries, while war veterans walk the streets with no medical care. Satan is not playing any games.

As a Christian parent, you cannot afford to be naive in this hour about spiritual beings showing up in your house to destroy your children. Make your children comfortable with the subject by simply saying that you would like to meet their invisible friend. Also, ask what have they been talking about. Some kids are just playing. You will know if they are talking to someone by the complexity of the conversation. Moving on to vibrations.

Spiritual people will speak about vibrations or frequencies and these things are real. Similar to the gift of speaking in tongues it is another language stream. It is demonic. Those who practice and teach others will pay for the blood they have shed. Your child should know that vibrations is evil. The best way for this is to teach them about Jesus and his love and Him alone being the source.

Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus Christ you are welcome in my home. Fill every room with your glory, light, and love. May it be tangible within the borders of my house. Send your angels to guard the door frame and windows. In Jesus name. Bless my children with a hedge of protection when they go out and when they come in. Keep them from the evil one that desires their destruction. Cast into the pit any evil invisible friend and give my child supernatural discernment in Jesus name. Amen.


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