A Second Wind

For those who run, you understand the term “a second wind.” You’ve been running for about 2 miles on that 5K and then in that 3rd mile the second wind catches you and you have that burst of energy at the end to finish strong. Well, the believer is running the race of faith. For many this race is years and years long. Its very easy to get weary in this race. To give up and call it quits. The years of temptation, the years of asking Jesus for forgiveness, the striving and fighting of faith gets laborious.

The tool that God has given us to receive a second wind in our walk with him is fasting. Fasting builds that lactic acid as you purposefully refrain from eating and drinking at least for 24hrs. In this time you’re fasting from electronics and focusing on Jesus. Spending time in prayer and reading or listening to the Word.
God’s gift is a second wind. Deliverance from stubborn demons of limitation, fear, addiction, and/or mental issues i.e. depression. Fasting maximizes your prayer life and intimacy with Jesus.

Go ahead and get that second wind.


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