Second Grade Herion Addict Teacher brings drugs and assembly to classroom

heroin addict This story is the reason your prayers are required when your children enter these public schools. The devil has been released and stories like these will only increase as the heroin epidemic grows rapidly. Not to mention the thousands of cases through the years of sexual abuse from teachers as well.

A second grade Oklahoma teacher arrested for bringing heroin and needles into a classroom has now also been charged with child neglect.

Megan Sloan, 27, was allegedly found with the drugs in her purse at Holmes Park Elementary School in Sapulpa on May 1.

Another teacher had reported Sloan to administrators after she used her computer to sign into Facebook. Sloan forgot to sign out and her colleague saw a message in which she detailed how she allegedly pawned school items and sold heroin.

Sloan faced court on Tuesday where the Creek County District Attorney’s Office added an additional charge of child neglect related specifically to the students in her class.

She now faces five charges, including drug possession in the presence of a minor, child neglect, two counts of embezzlement and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said at the time of her arrest that Sloan admitted to using drugs before the drugs were allegedly found in her purse.

While talking to police in the principal’s office, Sloan admitted to possessing Xanax, pawning two tablet computers belonging to the school and stealing $125 in student field trip money.

They believe that Sloan used the money to buy gas and drugs.

Police then searched her purse and found 13 syringes inside – one of which had a brown substance in it that turned out to he heroin.

They also found meth, spoons to cook drugs, and opioids.

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