Wisdom For School Teachers Dealing With Flirtatious Children

We are living in a day where children are being exposed to sex at record numbers. The average child sees and views pornography by the age of 5-7 and by the time they are 10 and 12 years old they have seen 1000’s of sexual charged images. These images come with demons. The majority of these children have 100’s of demons on the inside of them. Most people, sadly many Christians believe that to have demonic possession equals what they see on Hollywood. Demonically, filled people only act strange when a Christian who wields discernment and power begins to cast them out. Most people live normal lives with thousands of demons on the inside controlling many of their thoughts and actions. Demons are not crazy, they act crazy when they are being tormented for the most part, which is when they are being cast out.

Now when you are dealing with children that have demons their conversation will be advanced. A 13 year old boy or girl can have game because they have a thousand year old demon using their mouth and body to seduce a demonically filled teacher. It is literally a demonic dance using human flesh. Sadly, the instruments being used are unaware in many ways that these feelings they feel and the images that just pop up into their heads are from demons. They have lived with the evil spirit so long it is a part of their natural thought life.

The unfortunate thing about this is that only salvation will save these types of teachers and children. No amount of psychological training will even come close to changing this behavior. It is demonically based and fueled. Spiritual power that the average doctor is completely ignorant of. These demonically filled people will fall every time and will continue to fill the newspaper with teachers sleeping with their students.

Now for the Christian teacher who is in the demonically filled public school system, you will need to cover yourself with oil. This means that you will ask Jesus to put a fire in your eyes before you leave you home and teach. God’s fire fades, just like the glow on Moses face when he was off the mountain to long away from God’s presence. You will have to get in God’s presence before going to work and pray. Jesus put fire in my eyes. In Jesus name. All you have to do is believe your prayer and the angel of the Lord will do it. For some of you with the gift to see in the spirit, you can literally look in your bathroom mirror and see it, many of you will not see it, but demonically filled children will defiantly see it. They will behave differently around you. This is the mindset you must have. This is the wisdom you must have to defend yourself against the enemies devices.

You men & women in sexless marriages, need to stop that today and be a defense for your husband and husbands be a defense for your wife. I know that there are men not giving up the goods to their wives, cut that out. She gained a little weight, so what, if you have enough sex it will come off. Get to work and stop playing satanic games.


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